2016 HSBK Spec RSV4

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    2016 Aprilia RSV4 Built by HSBK. Has every bit you could ever want on it. Happy to ship anywhere in the US. Happy to send more detailed pics. Price includes spares. $18,000

    - Aprilia Racing SSTK 1000 Engine (New)
    - MAC Auxiliary Radiator
    - Aprilia Racing Thermostat Bypass
    - Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Headers
    - SC Project Corti 71 Custom Titanium Exhaust canister
    - Samco Coolant Hoses
    - Oetiker hose clamps
    - Modified Slipper Clutch (NEW Clutch)
    - GB Racing Case Covers
    - COX Racing Titanium Radiator Guards

    - Aprilia Racing APX2 ECU
    - Aprilia Racing Dash
    - Aprilia Racing controller
    - Aprilia Racing Wire Harness
    - Aprilia Racing Auto Lambda (individual cylinder tuning)
    - Aprilia Racing Left Hand Switch
    - Aprilia Racing Right Hand Switch
    - Aprilia Racing Blipper and Quickshift
    - Full Spectrum Lightweight Battery
    - MotionPro Quick Turn Throttle

    - Brembo Monobloc CNC Calipers
    - Brembo Front Brake Reservoir
    - Brembo SuperSport Front Rotors
    - Brembo Billet RC19 Master Cylinder
    - Domino Racing Clutch Perch
    - Galfer Front / Rear Brake Lines
    - Galfer Remote Brake Adjuster
    - Woodcraft Brake Lever Guard
    - CRG Brake and Clutch Levers

    - Spider Billet Clip-Ons
    - EVOL Billet Adjustable Rearsets
    - Aprilia Racing Front ECU Bracket
    - SunStar Racing 520 Chain / Sprockets
    - DB Holders Lightweight Subframe
    - Lightech Chain Adjusters
    - Lightech Gas Cap
    - Bikes Plast Racing bodywork
    - Aprilia Racing oversized tank
    - Zero Gravity Windscreen

    - K-Tech 20DDS Front Fork Cartridge Kit (HSBK Spec)
    - K-Tech 35DDS Rear Shock (HSBK Spec)
    - Billet Lower Fork Caps
    - Rear shock modified for quick change

    - Multiple Clutches
    - Rims (w/rotors and traction discs)
    - Radiator
    - Exhaust can and mid-pipe
    - Clip-Ons
    - Levers
    - Windscreens
    - Oil Filters
    - Wheel Speed sensors
    - Much more

    IMG-0696.jpg IMG-0699.jpg IMG-0691.jpg
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    There's my dream bike..
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    Lets make the dream a reality ha!!
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    Make me an offer! I'll even through in a toaster oven!
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