2016 FZ07 Superbike

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  1. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    2016 FZ07

    Built by Robem Engineering one of the nicest built bikes in the paddock. Best of everything was built as a project this past winter/spring just as a project. It was a personal bike so lots of small details and extra expenses I wouldn't have otherwise done like full titanium Hardware throughout the bike.

    Superbike motor with 2 weekends
    Wiseco Pistons
    Carrillo Rods
    New Bearings
    New Clutch
    Yoyodyne Slipper
    Web Cams
    Ported head
    Fully back cut and shimmed transmission all gears
    Bored Throttle Bodies
    Hord Airbox
    Lightweight flywheel and sprag

    Yoshimura FZ07 Header
    Yoshimura R6 canister

    Fancy Bits:
    Robem Engineering Adjustable Triple Clamps
    Robem Engineering linear linkage
    Robem Engineering rear set risers

    Bitubo ECH2 Gas Charged Forks
    Bitubo XXF Rear Shock
    (Being Serviced at Velocity Calibrations)
    Ohlins Steering damper

    Sharkskins bodywork brand new in the box
    AP MotoArts Mounting kit

    Stock R6 wheels with Robem Spacers
    Robem Engineering underslung P34 rear brake

    Ftecu or aRacer set up for tuning available at additional cost. aRacer set up allows data acquisition with gps based track mapping similar to Solo DL or Aim system.

    The motor set up is very proven. Draik rode the same spec motor at Barber consistently highest on trap speeds during last MA weekend. Can be sold MA spec or I can re-tune on the fuel of your choice.

    The bike is located in Southern Ohio can possibly help with delivery.

    Asking $12,900

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  2. Monsterdood

    Monsterdood Well-Known Member

    Where's the dyno chart? I know you have one.... What's the range for trail adjustment?
  3. dyii

    dyii Active Member

    So you have multiple sets of bodywork? You mention a new set of Sharkskins. What is on the bike now? Photos show both black and white sets.

    What rearsets on it and GP or street shift? Does it have a flash on it now? Quickshifter? Up/down or just up? Issue with 4th to 5th gear changes addressed?

    Bike ever down? Any damage repaired or unrepaired? Title?

    What is the life expectancy of a motor with that kind of build on it given normal track conditions?

    Any issues with clearance of exhaust to bodywork?

    Can you send more pics to dyoung851@hotmail.com?


  4. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    :D Dyno Charts? What makes you think I've ever tossed any bikes on the rollers? ;) Guess if we go down that rabbit hole Id have to ask what fuel, tire and MA spec or with the custom race generator?

    Triples go from 22-30mm offset.
  5. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    Doesn't everyone have multiple sets of bodywork? The bike is sitting in my barn with the black set Joe Belhman rode on at Barber.

    Woodcraft, they can be set up either way. It has FTecu on it now. I also have an aRacer set up that can be depending on what the new owner would want. Its much nicer than the FTecu options and not limited to the unreliable server at FTecu or needing an internet connection should you need to make any changes.

    Of course, it has a quick shifter. FZ07 is cable-driven throttle so you only get upshifts, downshifts would only be possible with a servo.

    Trans is completely undercut and shimmed. FZ's dont just have issues with 5th. It can be 3rd, 4th or 5th from my experience. I spent a lot of time and money working on the transmissions on these bikes this past season.

    Of course, it has been down, its a race bike. Always repaired. Salvage title.

    Not sure it's not a super aggressive build. Club racing you'd get 1-2 seasons before you'd want to have me refresh it.

    With the Yosh header not. I might have had to adjust some when originally fitting, honestly cant remember. All my used bodywork has been adjusted and fits well for track bodywork.

    Send me a text (Five one Three)-404-2030 and I'll tell me what youre looking for in photos.
  6. Monsterdood

    Monsterdood Well-Known Member

    Oh, pirelli with non-MA generator and some MR-12, give it the beans! :crackup:
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  7. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    Super strong bike for sure. It does a bit better with the other goodies and a Pirelli for club racing.

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  8. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    would also entertain the following trades:
    Track prepped RSV4
    Street 2017+ SV650 bike crashed or salvage + cash
  9. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    Sale Pending
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  10. sbk1198

    sbk1198 Well-Known Member

    I have a race-ready RSV4 for sale/trade if your sale doesn't go through. Although you're asking quite a bit more for this FZ than I am for the RSV4...but maybe worth a talk still if you're interested.
  11. SPATT

    SPATT In a gravel pit near you

    SOLD. Sorry forgot to update
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