2015 ZX6R Supersport Race Package

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by MattRiedlinger, Apr 17, 2019 at 3:36 PM.

  1. MattRiedlinger

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    Getting out of racing. May be able to make a great deal. Bike is currently crashed, but not bad, and I have all of the parts to make it look exactly like the picture minus the tank and exhaust pipe. I have exact fairings brand new unopened, same paint. And the footpeg that broke. Make me an offer repaired or like it sits. Bike has the following major parts, all still intact. May part out if major parts are bought (engine and suspension)

    Attack performance supersport engine-130hp
    New OEM trans
    Custom built and tuned slipper clutch
    Kit head gasket, degreed cams, kit velocity stacks
    Entire new OEM valvetrain
    New OEM pistons and rings
    1 sprint race weekend, 2 races at second weekend.

    Spring pressurized ktech front with fast Frank's quickchange 1.0 springs
    Ohlins ttx rear 1.0 spring
    Attack rearsets
    Brembo rcs19 with remote adjuster
    Woodcraft clip ons
    Armourbodies with swenson paint (graphics over clear and removable)
    Motion pro throttle
    Had a hindle full exhaust but its damaged

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  2. lateapexer

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  3. Ohsat

    Ohsat Active Member

    ...pics of it's current condition?
  4. MattRiedlinger

    MattRiedlinger Active Member

    once I can hobble to the trailer ill take some. my wife showed me the bike yesterday and it was just a dented tank, exhaust, and cracked rear subframe. it endoed then slid a bit on the right side. It starts and runs, I started it yesterday.
  5. Ohsat

    Ohsat Active Member

    Aww man I'm really sorry to hear that. Take you time. What is the title status if there is one and where are you located?
  6. MattRiedlinger

    MattRiedlinger Active Member

    clean title, i bought the bike brand new and am the original owner. im located in central california
  7. Ohsat

    Ohsat Active Member

    Definitely still interested although I'm located in Ohio. I'll keep an eye out on it. Thanks for the replies!
  8. swetngblts

    swetngblts Well-Known Member

    How much as it sits with the replaced rear sets? and Where in Central California?
  9. MattRiedlinger

    MattRiedlinger Active Member

    Lemoore, California. $7k and you can take all the spares with it, including the footpeg :)

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