2015 + yamaha R1 parts race / stock make offers

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by s4senna, May 18, 2020.

  1. s4senna

    s4senna Well-Known Member

    OZ piega forged aluminum front wheel
    Gilles triple tree & matching clip ons (I believe they fit a 54mm fork)
    R1 quick change axle for OZ wheel
    Arrow GP evo full titanium exhaust, headers have a few dents but can is new loud as hell and was 2k+ new
    graves 2bar radiator cap
    brake lines
    one pair (8 pads) or brembo monoblock caliper pads (sbs805ds)
    2 sprocket carriers with a vortex 40 and superlite 44 sprocket
    pazzo black adjustable brake lever (R15)

    please look at pics and see if there is something you want.

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  2. s4senna

    s4senna Well-Known Member

    rest of the pics

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  3. Ducti89

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    Solid seller!
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    WORXXX Well-Known Member

    you still have the R1 quick change axle?
  5. Is the quick change axle for a front? And will it work on OEM or does it need a new axle?
  6. Str8-Lurkin

    Str8-Lurkin Well-Known Member

    Price on exhaust?
  7. slowpoke6

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    Bump for solid seller!

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