2015 Yamaha FZ-07R Proven Racebike for Sale

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by mra21racer, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. mra21racer

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    Time to let some lucky soul pick up a track-prepped, proven, kick ASS 2015 Yamaha FZ-07R. Your choice of bodywork. Stealth Black Ninja 250 style, or Catalyst/...AP Moto "Blue Pill" style. $9500 with catalyst bodywork, $8500 with Ninja 250 bodywork. Stock motor, with DNA Airbox mods makes 70hp / 47 ft/lb torque on Quik Cycles stingy dyno using 91 octane. DanMoto pipe, Andreani Cartridge forks, Penske shock, AP Moto Linkage, AP Moto rearset adapters, Woodcraft clipons, Driven Racing rearsets, rear stand spool/tensioner kit, lever guards, etc. Podium capable as it sits, but lots of opportunity to up the ante if you want... Salvage title, but never wrecked since total rebuild prior to 2016 Season (edit: Catalyst bodywork was on OTHER bike that has been crashed, and expertly repaired. Ninja bodywork and bike in general not wrecked since becoming a racebike). Who's it gonna be.....? [​IMG] Note, I have TWO bikes, but am only selling the "supersport one" detailed above. The one that is for sale is the BLACK one in the photos. I'm showing pictures of BOTH bikes so you can see what the bodywork options are. I will send close-up, current photos on request. These pix are from various times during the 2016 season so numbers, sticker placement, has changed throughout the year. MRA21@hotmail.com or 303-907-1941
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  2. jkraft

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    Nice bikes, good luck with the sale.
    Quick question, can you adjust the chain while on a rear stand using those spools?
  3. mra21racer

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    Yes. there are 3-4 companies making spools that are capable of that now. Most copies of the Gillies.
  4. Andres Villalba

    Andres Villalba Active Member

    Nice bike !
    Are these competitive against the SV in super-stock trim? also where is the bike located?
  5. mra21racer

    mra21racer Member

    Definitely competitive against the SV's. This was a 2nd or 3rd place bike every time it went out. Finished behind my
    "A" Bike of course, but still did great. Top 5 bike even against the guys in Chuckwalla on their well sorted SV's. Bike is just outside Denver, CO.
  6. regularguy

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    That Ninja 250 bodywork looks nice. I see you removed the fake air scoops. Is there any clearance problems at full lock?
  7. mra21racer

    mra21racer Member

    The right side gets tight on your thumb if you're gripped hand wrapped all the way around. Left side is ok. Only ever an issue if you're pushing the bike or going really really slow in the pits and turning full lock. You could certainly adjust the bracket to address this but it worked good enough.
  8. mra21racer

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    Bump, great LW Twin for 2017 Race Season!
  9. mra21racer

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    Sale pending! :)
  10. mra21racer

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  11. Sweatypants

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    where can i buy that tail on the blue one? Catalyst? their website is poopy for searching.

    *edit* nevermind i see it on AP Moto.
  12. mra21racer

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