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Discussion in 'Tech' started by 2MM, Jan 18, 2020.

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    I finished putting a 2015 R1 motor into a 2016 R1S this week, and also put in the corresponding 2015 ECU. I was excited about firing it up last night, but can't hear the fuel pump prime when turned on. The motor turns over and doesn't throw any codes on the dash but obviously won't start. All fuses are good and the relay for the pump does click when the bike is turned on. All parts on the bike are from R1S except motor and ECU; and the R1s did run last summer without issue before the motor popped.

    After doing more research I did discover that wiring harness and dash part numbers are different leading letters/ numbers but similar depending on all years for example (2015 harness BX4-82590-10-00 vs 2016 R1S harness B60-82590-10-00). Part numbers for the pump are the same for all years.

    The obvious next step is to get a new fuel pump, but was wondering if anyone had experience with the various years and part numbers as I'd just order everything I needed if the harness and dash won't work for what I'm trying to do.

    Any info or thoughts on something else I may me missing would be greatly appreciated.
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    The R1S uses a different ECU than the R1. If a new fuel pump doesn't fix it, I would try flashing an R1 map onto a R1S ECU. The wiring harness differences are probably not going to prevent starting.
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    Update the R1S harness was the problem and not compatible.
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