2015 R1 Racebike-RoadRace Factory supported Superstock spec

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    2015 YAMAHA R1 Superstock Racebike FOR SALE-$24,500

    Built & Supported by Roadrace Factory Team
    Less than 3 race weekends on engine/chassis
    Safety wired to meet more strict club racing rules
    Sale includes instructional session with Danny Anderson, RRF crew member

    CRC bodywork with dzus style fasteners and quick release seat
    MC Pro Design paint work
    YAMAHA race windscreen
    Light Tech billet gas cap

    Penske shock PS-8987PB w/Moto America spec( spring options avail )
    Penske PS-89FKGAS pressurized fork cartridges
    Motoholders carbon fairing bracket
    Ignition switch eliminated
    Lightened ABS module
    GPR4 steering damper
    Custom brake reservoir mount
    Graves custom radiator overflow tank
    Cox radiator guards w/cv4 radiator cap 2.0
    E/T clip ons & rear sets
    Dion Device brake lever guard
    Brembo 19x18 master cyclinder w/folding lever
    Vesrah RJL17 front brake pads
    Spiegler black braided brake lines front & rear
    Motion Pro Rev II throttle w/different wheels
    520 RK GXW chain & sprockets
    Superbike Unlimited lightened rear rotor
    Fast Frank captive wheel spacers front & rear w/caliper hanger
    YAMAHA rear stand lifters
    Woodcraft rear axle sliders
    Brand new Pirelli race slicks

    FTECU data/link flashing kit w/race team package tuned on MR12
    PAIR valve eliminated
    GB Racing clutch cover protector
    39N case cover protectors
    Full Arrow stainless/titanium exhaust w/pro race can ( LOUD! )
    Transmission update completed October 2016

    Rear sprockets (39T-44T)
    Front sprockets (15T, 16T, 17T)
    Modified stock fairing bracket
    Assorted engine gaskets
    Assorted YAMAHA levers
    Zero Gravity windscreen
    Photo credits.....Tracy Helmhold.....thanks Tracy!!!

    This bike was purchased brand new from YAMAHA and has been meticulously maintained and built with pride.
    You will not find mismatched bolts or safety wire holes drilled carelessly, this is a professional race bike with a
    show quality paint job. If you have any questions please contact Rob Christman @ 303-720-8166
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  3. Argonaut.welding

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    Gorgeous bike! GLWTS
  4. Rob Christman

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    Thanks, it looks good in person too!

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