2015 Ninja 300

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    2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300
    $3500 South Florida
    Thermosman set up
    Andreani cartridges in forks with preload, compression and rebound adjustments
    Ohlins shock
    Brand new 300 mile 2017 engine put in last April, yes 300 miles.
    Spare engine available.
    Dynojet Power Commander with ECU flash by Livengood
    Area P race exhaust with carbon canister
    K&N air filter
    MotoD oil cap and plug
    415 chain and Spears sprockets
    Dunlop slicks
    Woodcraft Clip ons
    Woodcraft bar end sliders
    Woodcraft toeguard and brake lever guard
    Woodcraft frame sliders
    Spears billet engine mounts
    Spears braided lines
    Spears keyless gas cap
    Spears captured wheel spacers
    Spears titanium hardware on discs and calipers
    tapered bearings in triple trees
    Hotbodies race body
    GPR steering damper
    Aim Solo mount
    Vortex rearsets

    0CE7C1F3-65AF-41D9-BB40-6B4A00EBA4AB.jpeg F1B7CDD7-4371-4460-A4DD-89F6C8089576.jpeg E234691F-5EC1-4843-8DFD-44DA491D5A1C.jpeg 82353D77-4E3E-4C83-8E8C-6E96E8E1BB35.jpeg 4844E509-1C1A-4323-B237-946BB822EA5E.jpeg 63AE8E14-6658-4BCB-B01D-65395B1E7123.jpeg
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    If your interested in a part out please dm me I'll take the suspension asap.

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