2015 Kawasaki KX450F Super Motard - NH - $6500

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by CJD, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. CJD

    CJD Member

    2015 Kawasaki KX450F Super Motard. Safety wired and ready to go. Valve clearance service just performed.

    Located in NH.

    Includes the following:
    • DNA - Supermoto Wheels (17 x 3.5 Front 17 x 4.25 Rear)
    • FMF Full Exhaust - light scratches on muffler from low side (previous owner)
    • Hinson Slipper Clutch - BTL263
    • XTRIG Triple Clamps - 40303001/ ROCS SM - offset 14-16
    • Moto-Master Brake Kit
    • Acerbis Skid Plate
    • Fresh Slicks - (3 practices and 1 race)
    • Aluminum Stand
    • Original Front Brake (rotor, caliper, cable, master cylinder and lever)

    IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1124.jpg
  2. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Looks great! Glws. Where can I find that front fender?

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  3. CJD

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  4. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Awesome thanks CJ

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  5. Minkhus

    Minkhus Member

    Has the suspension been modified? If so by who?

    Very nice bike.
  6. CJD

    CJD Member

    Thanks, stock suspension.
  7. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Please let me know if you part with wheels and out tires.

    Also can you back it in to a corner with a slipper clutch?

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  8. CJD

    CJD Member

    Sorry, I don't plan on parting any parts out. I haven't tried to back it to a corner yet (skill level), not sure with a slipper clutch though...
  9. DWhyte91

    DWhyte91 Well-Known Member

  10. CJD

    CJD Member

    Price drop - $6000
  11. turbulence

    turbulence Well-Known Member

    dammit i miss my supermotos... wish they were more popular.

    GLWS, that's a gorgeous bike.
  12. CJD

    CJD Member


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