2015 gsxr 1k JRI shock question?

Discussion in 'General' started by ToofPic, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. ToofPic

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    I bought a shock off e-bay,and had a question for anyone that can help.
    Everything went together fine,but It appears something is missing on the top mount.
    Theres too much space from side to side,or so it seems.
    The stock shock dropped in flush at the top,and had no wiggle room.
    If anyone has this shock on a 2009-2016 and can get me a top mount pic,I would be very grateful.
    I got the feeling something is missing?o_O

    Sorry in advance,if Im not splaining this correctly
    Top mount looks something like this pic,but I have waay too much room on mine.
    I will try and post a proper pic up when I get to my garage,

  2. 418

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    Dude, call T-man. Problem solved.
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  3. DaveB

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    The JRI is like the Penske in that there are slip in bushings to set the width, etc. If you didn't get those bushings and there is just the joint in the shock body that's the problem. As above, call T-man if you didn't get them and the seller won't send them and he can probably help you out.
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  4. roy826ex

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    Like Dave said your missing the little bearing sleeves on both side of top part.

    Also on mine Thermosman recommended some thick orings on each side of that to keep the shock from wanting to twist up there which in turn had the compression can knawimg on the left side of the frame under there.

    He told me JRi was aware of the issue. I never got a revised anything from them but the orings stopped the twisting.
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  5. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

    Thanks guy's!
    I will call Them man.
    Yep..didn't get anything for the up top mount
  6. gapman789

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  7. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

    I'm really embarassed...I did not know there were free floating parts in my mounting of this shock.I took things off at 2 am after work,and never noticed the 2 metal sleeves,and o-rings
    Color me a dumbass,the fit was tight,and I guess they fell off? After some flashlight searching,I located the parts.The last metal collar was a bitch to find,It had rolled under my shop table.Luckily,I found it all,and it went together well.
    Going back and looking at the original ebay post you put up had me scratching my head,and noticed,it was all there.Thank you!!
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    You should be. :Poke: :D
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    This is the WERA BBS! A reminder to you as an old noob, NEVER concede. Ignore, deny or disregard, but never concede. :rolleyes:
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