2014 Graves Motorsports Yamaha Supersport R6

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    Bought this from Graves in Nov of 2014 for $28,269.02. Asking $12,500. Only had 5 track days since it was completely serviced by Graves (rebuilt suspension, engine, etc). Approximately 2700 miles on the bike (there is no speedometer since it's a race bike so the estimate is based on my data logger). It's setup to run an AIM Solo with a connection to the engine data. Also comes with Woodcraft front stand, spare sprockets, handlebars, footpegs, springs, etc. Only thing it needs is a new set of tires. Oil and brakes are all fresh. Unfortunately don't have time to race this year, work sucks. I'm located in Newport Beach, CA. Email me samleeiii@gmail.com or text me 949.636.3658.

    IMG_0286.jpg IMG_0287.jpg IMG_0285.jpg IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0292.jpg
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    A couple questions came up:

    - Suspension is setup for 155 lbs
    - Does not come with AIM Solo
    - Going to double check with Graves on what ECU
    - Motor is "supersport spec" in 2014 before MotoAmerica, Graves build sheet described it as: GRAVES STANDARD SPEC R6 RACE MOTOR, INTERNAL PARTS EXCLUDED FROM LIST - STANDARD but it is definitely not an open class race engine
    - I never got a dyno from Graves I don't think they normally give one
    - Mapped for pump 91 gas
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    The photos were just taken on Friday and are current. It was crashed once in 2015 with minor damage and inspected by Graves afterwards.

    IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0281.jpg
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    ECU is Flash not YEC.

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