2014 EBR 1190RX, clear title, located Central Florida

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  1. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    Pricing ist 7700 all inclusive, can assist in delivery. Location is 33597, Florida.

    Will sell outright, trade, etc. Looking for smaller bikes (grom racing maybe?) almost anything with a motor. Would love to find a stick shift truck and/or a toy hauler.

    Vin #10, the 49 state one (there’s a 50 state vin 10). Title issued from EBR in Michigan (LAP)

    Prototype Buell used for project ‘ infineon’

    EBR built this as a test rig. It was used for emissions testing AFTER using for unveiling the RX to the world. It was rushed to the point to where it hit the floor with 3D printed and cnc machined parts galore. Rearsets, heelguards, brake caliper bracket... all of it.

    It also was assembled with an 1190rs bottom end, giving it an improved crank, rods, and pistons. Not sure who built the crank, but it has carillo rods and cp pistons.

    It was used for fuel mileage testing, and as a result, has test headers installed with room for narrow band, wide band, and Egt sensors. The headers are made by Tullet/APH.

    It also has a set of rare Buell 43mm bpf forks. They have been re-built and sprung by Thermosman.

    This chassis has not been to the track yet. It has been dyno’ed, tuned, and sits idly by waiting for purpose.

    This bike is currently equipped for racing as such:

    1. Hotbodies fairings with my little pony and powerpuff girls on it. It’s a HUGE HIT everywhere I take it. The tail is a 1190 rs setup. This bodywork comes from my last RX, which I raced around the SE in a few organizations, so you may recognize her.

    3. Ohlins ttx rear with remote preload adjust. 0 hours on reman from ohlins, setup for my weight.

    4. Ebr race ecu with a custom 93 octane map. 02 sensors disabled, as the stock ecu will continually lean out the bike to the point of being detrimental during race conditions. She makes 170rwhp, with a conservative tune on stock head gaskets and timing. If you want, you can squeeze this old girl for quite a bit more due to the beefy bottom end.

    6. APH full exhaust with removable secondary silencer AND a twin tip canister. 3 ways to run it. Throaty, raspy, or stealth mode. All 3 exhausts reach within .5 hp on the dyno, with the stealth giving the highest torque, albeit at the cost of a dip at 5500 rpms not present on the other 2 pipes.

    Bike will come with a spare crank and rods, trans, rotor and stator, 2 spare clutches, a rear rim, a few voltage regulators, stands, and tire warmers. I forget i also have clip ons, a spare master or 2, radiators with inlet and outlet ducting and fans, fuel pump, front rotor.... basically all parts hiding in my rafters. There’s more I’m forgetting.

    Make me an offer or trade.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]




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  2. backho

    backho Well-Known Member

    Love the graphics! Hello Kitty is missing, though!
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  3. dobr24

    dobr24 Well-Known Member

    Cool bike!
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  4. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    Price drop to 7499 obo. Bike now has magura hc1 masters, woodcraft lever guard, gb racing stator cover, homemade clutch cover.

    Spares dropped a bit off in trades. 1 spare clutch, cooling system, wiring harness, display, and a box of odds and ends.
  5. ungwaha

    ungwaha Well-Known Member

    Take Tree Fiddy and a ZX7? :Poke:
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  6. WingLeaner

    WingLeaner The Medium Labowski

    How’d you get your hands on a prototype? Are you EB? Nice setup!
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  7. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    I purchased it from LAP during their 1st big auction. I still have the windshield with the VIN label and the "keep engine" written in masking tape. I was able to get some of the information on the bike through a fellow EBR fanboy, who spoke with fellows there. There were stickers on several of the parts (wheels, forks) that stated 'Infineon Prototype'. I believe the forks and rear wheel still bear the stickers.

    The CNC/3d printed parts are visually different from the production parts. I had this bike last year as my backup bike. I think I've had her 2 years now. If it ends up not selling, I might slap some lights on her. The magura masters transformed the bike off the track, might take her to Daytona just for kicks. The clutch feels more like a KTM Superdukes; decidedly smoother and easier to use.

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  8. attack636

    attack636 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a fun bike i want to take it for a spin
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  9. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    I added a Motion Pro Rev2 throttle kit to it. Comes with 4 or 5 inserts. Stock to 1/4 turn, everything in between. Replaced the tygon with Synthetic Rubber RPDM. Bike is 100% track ready, and only lights away from street legal. I'm tempted to fab up a kit that would be "Florida Legal".

    Price drop to 7k even.
  10. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    Bike is now legal (ish) with a headlight and tail light setup that removes in 5 minutes. Bar end mirror on the left. Because murica.

    Price dropped to 7 even.
  11. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    A lil bump for fun. I took the bike out on the road for a 10 mile jaunt. Compared to a stock EBR, this thing is super smooth and full of potential (torque) as low as 3k. Funny thing how dyno time fixes those sorts of things.
  12. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

  13. malott442

    malott442 Well-Known Member

    Are you meaning to tell me there isn't a huge market for pony themed, niche market, bankrupt company produced bikes?
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  14. ccsracer15

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    I would have loved to ride this back in the day!!
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  15. tgold

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    You fail to see the appeal of schooling some dude with a "badass" flaming skull paintjob on his bike.... "My bike has My Little Pony on the side. What's your excuse?"
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