2013 Ninja 300 Track / Race bike

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    E988FBE9-CD7B-470E-BE76-766528F75480.jpeg 76DDFBE3-D53C-40ED-931B-1C4CEE8BE532.jpeg C33E7C7F-D14E-4D9A-8B10-55DBF1C0BDB3.jpeg 1FFC7CC0-4415-492E-AF95-EB41889798EB.jpeg 1C4F9777-A186-4E11-91FB-318FE97C8D12.jpeg 752635F4-8122-4216-A1D7-F919A4037370.jpeg E0DD6B24-D649-4A36-9BF4-3D986190D3D2.jpeg 2013 Ninja 300 Race / Track bike
    9640 miles
    Pink slip in hand- Clean title
    Reg paid through 7/2021

    -Race Tech Gold front fork emulators
    -GSXR rear shock- Valved by JPH suspension
    -Leo Vince Exhaust
    -Vortex Clip On
    -Vortex Rearsets w/ GP shift
    -Renthal Dual compound grips
    -Dynojet Fuel Moto tuner
    -Annatori Quick shifter (WIFI)
    -Gipro gear indicator
    -Woodcraft Key Switch eliminator harness
    -Spears Racing 415 chain conversion
    -Spears Racing Fuel cap
    -Stomp Grips
    -Steel braided from brake line
    -Hotbodies bodywork completely useable but in fair condition
    -Adjustable brake / clutch levers
    -Brake lever guard
    -Swingarm spools
    -Lap timer mount
    -Brand new oil, filter, Brake fluid and engine ice
    -New battery installed 6 months ago - kept on battery tender
    -Comes with misc hard parts & 3 oil filters
    -Safety wired
    -Comes with brand new Pit Bull front pin

    No trades please. Bike is not *currently* street legal.

    Located in Roseville, Ca

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
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    dang... :(

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