2013 Kawasaki ZX6R DAYTONA 200 Race Package Complete

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  1. roaring toyz

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    Quick Fill Fuel Tank,
    Side Lift Stand Front End Stand
    Fast Franks Quick Change Front And Rear Axle Hardware
    Shaved Calipers w/Underslung Captive Caliper Mount
    Supersport Engine with degreed Cams Thin Head Gasket
    Woolich Tuned with Woolich race tools and quick shifter
    Leo Vince Full Exhaust
    Ohlins TTx Rear Shock
    Ohlins 30MM Forks Cartridges Suspension fresh by Tman
    Woodcraft Stator Cover
    Zullo Nintendo Buttons mode/map switch
    Vortex Rearsets
    Vortex Handlebars
    520 chain sprockets
    Carbon Fiber Rear half subframe
    Brembo 19x18 Master
    GPR Steering Damper
    Motion Pro Rev 2 Throttle
    SBS WSBK Brake Pads

    Spare wheels with rotors, Gearing, Rearsets, Handlebars, Bodywork Complete Daytona Package ready to Go race the 200

    DSC_2770.JPG DSC_2771.JPG DSC_2772.JPG $10500 takes the entire package
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  2. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    Sarasota Fl $10500
  3. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    Daytona is right around the corner Get it now!!
  4. Powerdabeast

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    beautiful, and a steal

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