2013 BMW S1000RR Track Bike

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    Selling my 2013 S1000RR track bike. OHV / Race Only title in hand. The bike was originally built for the Rickdiculous track school, so the first 7000 miles were put on it by one of their coaches. It now has 13k on it, but I'm a 55 year old track rider who doesn't want to get hurt , so this thing has seldom seen the rev limiter and has never been down. It does have just about everything any track rider or racer would want and is an absolute missile. Condition is excellent with the exception of the usual chips in the paint. Asking $8500 but will listen to reasonable offers. The bike is in Las Vegas. Contact Tony at 702-523-9002 or aegebbia@gmail.com
    Parts List:
    Brembo Race Rotors
    Brembo 19 RCS master cylinder w/ hinged brake lever
    Brembo hinged clutch lever
    Alpha Racing Controls
    Alpha Racing quick turn throttle
    Alpha Racing fairing bracket
    Alpha Racing subframe
    Alpha Racing bodywork
    Alpha Racing fuel cap
    Vortex Rearsets
    Vortex clipons
    Vortex sprocket and RK chain (brand new)
    GB Racing Protection throughout
    Ohlins TTX Rear Shock
    Ohlins FGK 2123 fork cartridges
    Ohlins steering stabilizer
    Akrapovic Full Titanium Exhaust 65 mm outlet
    SC Exhaust Titanium Muffler
    Samco hoses throughout
    RapidBike EVO tuning module

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    Bump for a great bike and a solid seller.
  3. Rehh

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    Damn.....if you were closer

    What electronic management does it have still working? ABS, TC, WC, Power management?

    Could someone bring it to Barber
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  5. Rehh

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    Can't wait to get the bike Tony. Great doing buisness with you.

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