2012 ZX10R Superbike Race Bike Part out

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    2012 Kawasaki Zx10r superbike race bike part out. Parts are listed below and price does not include shipping. Bike is dissembled and all parts are ready to ship or ready for pick up

    All pricing is OBO or trade for 2015 or newer R1 stuff

    Parts list

    Ohlins Gas forks complete and ready to bolt on $1750.00
    JRI triple shock $700.00
    Attack triple $500.00
    Attack link $200.00
    Superbike motor built by livinggood on east coast with paperwork $4000.00 comes with air box and FI
    Rims 2 sets with ceramic bearing and rotors and sprocket carrier $800.00 per set
    Full hindle exhaust $600.00
    Gas tank with small dents and scratches $200.00
    Swing arm x 3 $75.00 a piece
    Sub frame x 2 $75.00 a piece
    Vortex gearing 16Tx3, 17T, 39T, 42T $100.00 for all of it
    Radiator with cox guard $225.00
    Oem radiator $200.00
    Vortex clip ons $75.00
    Gauge cluster with fairing stay $300.00
    Frame unstamped from Kawi with paper work $500.00
    Rear Brake with stainless line and captive bracket $125.00
    Windscreens $100.00 for all 3
    Kit Kawi Clutch kit with 2 sets of frictions 1 or steels $250.00
    Powercommander V $175.00
    Triumph Pull Quick shifter $75.00
    Front axels x 5 $75.00 for all of them
    Fuel Pump $75.00
    Air Intake Duct x 2 $75.00 for both
    Regulator $75.00
    OEM Seat $75.00
    Toe Guards $50.00 for two
    OEM Shock $100.00
    OEM Front Brake Calipers with OEM Lines $75.00
    Ballistic Battery Charger $100.00
    Steel front Brake lines with Calipers $100.00
    OEM Clutch Perch with clutch cable $50.00

    All prices are best offer and open to offers or trades for 2015 or newer R1 parts. All parts are ready to ship

    Also just message me for pics I can email them to you.
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    email sent
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    Photos of of exhaust?

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    Photos of fuel tank?

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