2012 Yamaha R1 EDR Superbike

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    I bought this bike through EDR out of Oregon right around July this year. I didn't have many plans of getting competitive racing my R6 at that time. I want more time with my 600, so this has to go.

    I am very sad to be listing this, as it is like a baby to me. This bike is VERY badass and is very, very fast. This bike was NEVER raced. The previous owner had EDR build this for him for Track day use ONLY. It is still under the 2000 mile mark, and everything was checked out and serviced before I bought the bike from EDR. I am going to attach the Original listing that I had gotten when I bought the bike.

    2013 Yamaha R1 Superbike, well over $50,000 in mods and updates, 1 owner since new, NEVER touched the ground, never raced! Track day use only. EXTREMELY LOW TIME since complete bike build project was completed! Owner selling only due to EDR building him another new project bike. 184+rwhp and sub 399lbs weight.

    This bike was purchased by EDR Performance in 2013 for one of our top clients. We received bike in the crate from Yamaha and did a complete teardown to bare frame. We then spent over 7 months building the chassis and engine up. Customer has never dropped it, has never crashed, has never raced it. Simply used for select trackdays with his friends. It has under 2,000 miles on it! It is 100% turn key (no key of course) and ready to ride, just serviced at EDR Performance and ready for the track!

    Here is your chance to save over $50,000 and have what is truly one of the best put together and nicest R1 cross planes out there!! Be the envy of all your friends!




    -Full EDR Performance built superbike engine: $10,800

    Including custom spec billet Titanium connecting rods, EDR spec CP forged high compression pistons, YEC race kit valve springs, EDR profile camshafts, Fully ported/reworked cylinder head, WWB ceramic transmission bearings, EDR blueprinted clutch and transmission, GMS billet cam chain tensioner, NGK Race kit Surface discharge sparkplugs, GMS antichatter plate, YEC H/D clutch springs

    -Akrapovic Evolution full titanium exhaust with carbon canisters $2,900

    -YEC genuine Yamaha Race ecu and complete YEC race kit harness with updated 2014 spec: adjustable engine braking, Traction Control and our mapping, DJ QS in GP shift pattern $2,500

    -Complete oversized Galletto Italy radiator, superbike (Same as WSBK team ran) $2,770

    -MB Racing (YEC) Genuine World SBK spec velocity stack kit $1,800

    -BMC Race air filter $100

    -Works oversized ram air intake tube $250

    -Works oversize intake plenum $280

    -BDK race kit lightweight stator $1,600

    -Samco silicone cooling system hoses with Redline Water Wetter $300

    -Complete dyno tuned mapping by EDR for VP U4.4 fuel, 181 rwhp (MR12 map available 186 rwhp)

    -Motul 7100 10/60 oil

    – Full K-Tech Suspensions 20mm DDS Sealed chamber cartridges with special EDR valving, K-Tech 1.00 spring rate fork springs and Motul Factory line 5wt oil $2,400
    – K-Tech 35mm DDS Pro Billet cylinder head rear shock with stock shock linkage $1,700
    -K-Tech 65mm Steering damper, race valved $500

    -Attack Performance billet adjustable triple clamps, black $995

    -Marchesini Forged Magnesium wheels $3,900

    -Sebimoto Superbike light weight subframe $460

    – EDR Performance chassis geometry set up $250
    -Pro Bolt titanium fasteners, well over $1,500 in titanium hardware
    -GB Racing engine case cover, clutch $150

    -Lightech billet adjustable chain adjusters and stand lifters, black $350

    -EDR Billet case covers on engine $350
    -CRG Billet Sueprbike fully adjustable folding clutch lever $299
    -Renthal Clip on’s $199
    -Renthal Grips
    -Sebimoto alloy upper fairing stay $199
    -Vortex billet locking fuel cap $140
    -Superlite Drive Systems 520 sprockets $120
    -DID ERV3 Chain $250
    -Attack Performance Billet rearsets $495
    -EDR modified shift lever and knuckle -reduced throw
    -Graves Billet progressive short throw throttle tube $150
    -Pirelli SC1 120/200 tires
    -Full Spectrum P2 Racing lithium battery, with AMB cables $299

    -Stomp tank grip pads $55

    -Sharkskinz custom race spec (Banned in AMA) bodywork $1,500
    -HT Moto SBK pad-Supremo $45
    -Custom Paint job $1,500
    -Zero Gravity Double bubble Sharkskinz specific wind shield $110

    -Galespeed Forged variable adjustable rate master cylinder VCR17mm $400

    -Brembo Semi-Narrow band Full floating Ductile Iron 320mm front rotors $700
    -Brembo HPK billet rear brake calipers and under hung bracket kit $995

    -Galfer wave light weight rear rotor kit $150
    -Vesrah Super RJL-xx brake pads $250
    -Custom EDR Spec Spiegler SS brake lines $200
    -Motul RBF660 brake fluid

    I am asking $20,000. It is available for local pickup, or I can help you arrange shipping. Call or text me at 815-878-8255.
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    Let me start off by saying that I am a very anal guy about my stuff being done right, nicely, and clean. Nothing short of that. When I picked up this bike at the shipping company, I was literally blown away. Anyone that has had Eric do their stuff, will know exactly what I am talking about. Every little thing on this bike is done in the most professional way possible. I was, and still am scared to get this thing dirty. I bought it and put only rode it for about 8 sessions on the track. Total of about 80 laps. I rode at Gingerman a month or so ago, and taylor knapp was there on his new 2015 R1. Of course he blew me away in the corner, but the one straightaway I was with him, this bike started to pull on him. This is a legitimate race bike. I know what this bike is worth, and I know what I can part it out for. I think I could part it out as it is and have over 20k. I don't want to do that, but if the price has to go that low, then that will be my route. This bike has over 50k in it just in parts, and then the purchase of the new bike. over 60k in this thing.

    I am asking $20,000. It is available for local pickup, or I can help you arrange shipping. Call or text me at 815-878-8255.










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    Oh I so need to win the lottery! GLWS
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    Trades plus cash will be considered for an 08+ R6 Racebike.
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    bump for good sellers. saw this bike a few times over the summer at grattan, inc this past weekend. pics do not do this bike justice.... IT IS AWESOME LOOKING WELL BUILT AND FAST!

    good people, stand up riders, that corner low.

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  9. phantom08

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    Bike still available?
  10. Dillonjohnson

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    Bike is still available. Dropping price to $14k. Only thing different from original post is about 100 more miles on it and re sprung forks and shock to .95., but also have 1.0 if you want that.

    I believe EDR has a MR12 map thatll make this thing over 190 horse.

    Someone steal this thing. If you've seen us at the races with the huge Black/orange peter and race trailer, then you've seen our yellow R1 aswell. We are selling that too. Will be listing that tonight
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    Does the bike has a clean and clear title ? Or is it a track frame ?
  12. Dillonjohnson

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    Never even been titled. I have the MSO from Yamaha. So yes, a title can be obtained, and would be clean.

    Bike has never been down either. If anyone is wondering.
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    Bump. Trades for race ready 08+ r6 will be considered.


    Will be at Blackhawk farms July 22-24th.
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    Damn nice bike!
  15. Kelcey Walker

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    Is this bike still available?
  16. Dillonjohnson

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    Still available
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    $12,500. Wheels,radiator, and suspension alone were well over that to buy. Someone is really going to steal this thing.

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    Wow, that is a solid deal!
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    Holy shit what a build! What camera mount is that? Im trying to find one just like it.
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    Geezus someone buy this machine I'm going crazy!!!

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