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Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Supa_Hero_RR, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Supa_Hero_RR

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2008 R6s for sale, its a track only bike has never been down or wrecked in my care. It does not come with a title or keys, but the vin is clean. Bill of sale only. Plastics are rough but its very sound mechanically.

    I'm only asking $1800 for the bike, which is a steal.

    I bought it from the guys at Lejeune Motorsports, its a very reputable motorcycle dealer/repair shop in Jacksonville NC.

    The bike is very sound mechanically, and I even had it dynoed at the shop and it dynoed around 100 WHP which is normal for this year R6.

    Its located in Jacksonville FL at the moment, and also posted on craigslist here for sale.

    I only used it for a few track days, I'm selling it because I want to go in a different direction for a track project.

    Here is a link to the ad with more description, pics and a mod list:


    and a link to the Dyno run:

    I can be contacted 816-944-3846.

    thanks for looking

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  2. Supa_Hero_RR

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    here is a second pull

  3. Supa_Hero_RR

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    bump lots of interest but no real bites.

    motivated to sell this, I have my eyes on other things. LETS GO!! only $1800, I know someone wants it.
  4. Supa_Hero_RR

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  5. beachbum40mx

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    still for sale?
  6. TurboBlew

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    the guy is a clown. Dont bother wasting your time. Already had a friend get the run around from him & he is in Jax.
  7. britx303

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  8. Supa_Hero_RR

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    excuse me? who the f-- are you? I gave who the run around? what friend? you must have me confused.
  9. Supa_Hero_RR

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    by the way. still for sale. My craigslist ad got flagged, likely by assclowns like this turboblow guy, so if anyone wants it, send me a text 816-944-3846
  10. Supa_Hero_RR

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    Mod list

    Vortex clipons,
    DanMoto rearsets,
    GPR Stabilizier,
    Jardine slipon,
    Shorty levers.
    New Duralast Gold battery (6 month warranty for the new owner)
    New-ish Dunlop Q4's with only two trackdays on them.
    New EBC brake pads front and rear.
    Good oil, no change needed yet. Changed about 1500 miles ago with Mobil1 4T.
    New vortex chain/sprocket kit, stock gearing

    I'll post up some new pics in a few minutes.
  11. Supa_Hero_RR

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    new pics from last track day.

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  12. TurboBlew

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    not directly involved with your CL schenanigans but no key, title, or mso tells me all I need to know. :rolleyes:
  13. Supa_Hero_RR

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    Are you trying to suggest something here?

    I'll gladly share the vin with anyone interested in actually buying the bike. I .m not doing anything illegal if thats what you are suggesting.

    But what I do suggest, is if you are not interested in buying, kindly take your comments and shove them, and continue blowing your "turbo's" elsewhere.
  14. SirBonus

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    It's a good looking bike. FYI - I believe the tire warmers are swapped in the photos.
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  16. Supa_Hero_RR

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  17. Supa_Hero_RR

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    price drop $1500
  18. Supa_Hero_RR

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    still available
  19. Supa_Hero_RR

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    still...... available.
  20. Supa_Hero_RR

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