2008 Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by cornercarver321, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. 20170811_164424_resized.jpg 20170811_164448_resized.jpg 20170811_164553_resized_1.jpg 20170811_164424_resized.jpg 20170811_164448_resized.jpg 20170811_164553_resized_1.jpg 20170811_164424_resized.jpg 20170811_164448_resized.jpg 20170811_164553_resized_1.jpg 20170811_164543_resized_1.jpg 20170811_164830_resized_1.jpg 20170811_164504_resized.jpg 20170811_164404_resized.jpg For sale 2008 Yamaha R6:

    Clean title
    Supersport build with 5 track days and 3 race weekends.
    Nrc Engine covers
    Block off plates
    K+N filter
    Akrapovic full titanium exhaust w carbon end
    Sharkskinz Body work w supersport tail
    Ohlins 25mm forks (setup by TSE)
    Penske Shock suspension dialed in for 195lbs
    YEC kit Ecu dyno and tuned for 93 octane
    YEC Harness with map switch
    Dynojet Quick Shifter (standard)
    Core Moto Superbike Brake lines w Motul brake fluid
    Vesrah brake pads
    Attack Rearsets w helper spring
    Scotts Damper
    Vortex Gas Cap
    CRG levers
    Engine Ice
    520 Erv3 chain 15/46 sprockets
    Safety wired for CCS
    Lightened rear rotor

    $7500 obo.
    Spare that will come with bike:
    Spare wheels, sprockets, and some used slicks.

    Please feel free to text me if you have any questions 7733183594.
  2. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    Paint scheme looks familiar. :)
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  3. Lol, because it used to be yours... :beer:
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  4. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

  5. Sorry about that... Des Plaines, IL
  6. Beast81

    Beast81 Active Member

    Who painted the bodywork? Look good!!
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  7. I bought bodywork from a guy that parted out Eddie Kraft's old R6
  8. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    I would love to buy that bodywork! looks sick! Eddie always has awesome schemes!
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  9. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    Thanks. @D-Swens does good work. I've just gotta talk him out of his crazy ideas and to listen to me!

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  10. D-Swens

    D-Swens sniffin paint fumes

    Thanks... ahhhhh, that's right, cause bike was all your idea wasn't it :D:D:D
  11. D-Swens

    D-Swens sniffin paint fumes

    I can make replicas of this all day long, bodywork in stock, lemme know. Or we can change up a detail or stripe or something, so your reputation doesn't get dragged down by Eddie :p
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  12. How much do you charge for paint schemes like this one or similar?
  13. ccsx245

    ccsx245 Member

    Still for sale?
  14. SlimRR

    SlimRR Best Member

    So much want
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  15. Yes it is
  16. Napier43

    Napier43 Member

    Hello, is this bike still for sale?
  17. Yes it is
  18. Napier43

    Napier43 Member

    How would you like for me to contact you?

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