2008 CBR600RR Trackbike FS

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by wisconsinRR, May 20, 2020.

  1. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    We’ll almost two years after my last shoulder surgery and staring down my second once the hospital calls, its time to let my bike go.

    I’ve owned this since it was new. Clean and clear title. This has never been downed hard, only in gravel for the most part and is still straight. All my engine work has been performed by Moons Super Cycle in Milwaukee Wisconsin. All my suspension work was done by TSE in Delavan Wisconsin. Everything else was done by me.

    I’m willing to transport within 100 miles of Waukesha Wi if purchased or can meet in the area for a serious buyer to inspect.

    Here is a list of most of the upgrades:

    Akrapovic full titanium system
    Penske 8987 Triple adjuster rear shock Sprung for a 180 lbs rider (Never ridden since last service)
    Penske 20mm fork kit
    Galespeed Type-M Forged Magnesium Wheels (Installed, New never ridden on)
    Galespeed 44 tooth Rear Sprocket
    EBC Vee Rotors (New, Never used)
    EBC GPFAX pads front and back (New)
    BMC race air filter
    Factory Pro shift star
    BDK Race Alternator and regulator
    Bazzaz Z-fi Traction control+Quick Shifter+Fuel controller
    Flashed ECU (ECU Unleashed)
    Modified Harness (correctly, not hacked up)
    Hotbodies bodywork
    GPR Stabilizer
    Galfer Front and rear stainless lines. Fronts are superbike style w/o banjos on the caliper
    Brembo RCF 19 master cylinder with folding lever, reservoir and remote adjuster
    Woodcraft clip-ons
    HRC quick turn throttle tube
    ASV C5 clutch lever
    Motoholder Front stay w/ blockoff plates
    Acumen Gear indicator
    RK 520 chain (Brand New)
    Renthal Grips
    Woodcraft Brake lever guard
    PAIR system block off plates
    R&R Subframe
    Samco Silicone hose kit
    Cox radiator guard
    Yoyodyne Slipper clutch (Brand new OEM clutch installed)
    Antigravity 4 cell Lithium battery
    Gilles Tooling KTS Chain Adjuster
    Woodcraft Rearsets
    Woodcraft case protectors and frame sliders
    Fuel tank heat shield
    Vortex fuel cap
    HRC rear brake reservoir
    Skeletonized rear brake disk
    HRC radiator overflow bottle relocation
    Ignition delete
    Ape Manual CCT
    Exhaust servo delete
    Michelin DOT’s (New, 2 rear, 1 front)
    Probably more that I’m missing...

    This will also come with these extras:

    Full set of Hotbodies Bodywork (New)
    2 sets of stands (1 woodcraft, 1 vortex) both headstock stands not fork
    Set of Michelin rain tires with two races on them
    2 sets of stock wheels (one with stock disks the other with EBC XC rotors + a set of doughnuts)
    A bunch of sprocket carriers with sprockets of various tooth combinations.
    A set of Chicken hawk warmers
    PitBull trailer restraint
    Any spare parts I can dig up

    I have more picture please message me if you want to see them.

    I’m asking $5000 firm

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  2. Krypt RR

    Krypt RR Well-Known Member

    What was done to the engine? And how many miles are on the chassis?
  3. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    I can take a look at the receipt for the engine work when I get home for the specifics. The main reason it went is was to get the transmission rebuilt since I had ground a few teeth off a gear. The rest was nirmal stuff, valve job, head deck and tune. I needed to keep it supersport legal so nothing to major.
  4. itsrichierich

    itsrichierich Active Member

    Damn, wish this was closer to California!
  5. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    Its got 14300 on the odometer. I checked the receipt for the engine and it was what I had mentioned above with a few other things like get the cams degreed and bearings
  6. This old Rz

    This old Rz Well-Known Member

    THAT'S a darned good deal for anyone. A well put together bike (arguably one of the best handling bikes ever). Plus a phethora of goodies to go with it.
    It would cost someone easily 20+k to buy and build a CBR600RR like that.
    I hate to keep using that phrase "pennies on the dollar". But that right there you're you're not just buying a good taco you're buying the the whole damn enchilada combo plate.
    I I remember right around 2007ish I watched a semi factory built CR600RR not too much unlike this one quite frankly easily dispatch an older Formula USA fzr1000, and a stock Yamaha R1 out at at Willow Springs.
    Quite a remarkable machine.....they are.
    Anyone on the fence about buying that... Should lose any thoughts of rationality right now and buy it. That's a whole lotta of stuff man.. just a lot of stuff for a good price.
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  7. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I'm a r6/g-i-x-x-er kind of rider so it's rare for me to be a deer-in-the-headlights for other brands. But THAT really is a sweet bike.

    Buy it today. Track it tomorrow!
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  8. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    thanks for the kind words guys. Its truly been my baby and Ive treated it well. Honestly Ive been on the fence every spring about giving it a go again but all it would take is one crash to undo three years of rehab and thats just not worth it...lol
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  9. Yannickb88

    Yannickb88 New Member

    Hey there, I sent you a PM.
  10. jdwilliamson33

    jdwilliamson33 Well-Known Member

    Want to sell the extra bodywork
  11. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    GLWS! What a build!

    How did the BDK race generator perform?
  12. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    If I dont end up selling it in a reasonable time I'll let you know

    Once you understand the quirks of how it works its a pretty cool bit of kit! I think it gave a fairly decent bump in performance. I had to replace the stator anyway due to a malfunction so I figured what the hell.
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  13. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    Give it time if you can wait. Covid-19 is our "winter", where bikes sit. Come "spring", when track days spin up, even battle-worn bikes sell. Someone will snap this up then. Guarantee it.
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  14. MoeFaux

    MoeFaux Well-Known Member

    This thing.

    I want.

    What does one call this and where does one buy it?[​IMG]

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  15. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    Not exactly sure what they ae called, but I was thinking of making some out of some new sprockets that I have lying around that nobody seems to want to buy.
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  16. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

    My receipt calls it a chain hanger. I got it from a seller in Japan but I'm sure someone over makes these as well.
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  17. Gerry Gentry

    Gerry Gentry Member

    I'm in the market for one of these right now. Confirming that it is still available?

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  18. Krypt RR

    Krypt RR Well-Known Member

    Bump. If it had a stock motor I would have bought it already.
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  19. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    Bump for a good seller. Purchased his other CBR a few years ago and transaction was good as one can expect.
    I dont need another bike, but this is tempting.
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  20. wisconsinRR

    wisconsinRR Active Member

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