2008 6 x 12 Haulin Enclosed Trailer - Shelby Township, MI

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    For sale is a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer. See the first two pics for the detailed specs, but it's a single axle 3500lb model with a ramp door and side door. Worked great for easily hauling 2 bikes and plenty of gear. Towed well behind a Ford Explorer and a Honda Pilot fully loaded up.

    Interior includes (but any or all of this can be removed at the buyer's request):
    • E-track and d-rings for mounting two bikes
    • 1 Harbor Freight front chock
    • 1 Pitbull TRS mounting plate
    • Speedrack ratchet strap holder
    • Gladiator track for hooks, parts bins, etc.
    • Wire shelving for general storage
    • Plastic storage cabinet (great for securing all the odds and ends)
    • 2 Nice Raxx front/rear stand holders

    Tires are in great shape (less than 2 years old and only a few hundred miles on them). Spare is brand new. Bearings replaced/greased this spring with less than 30 miles on them. Tongue section and other exposed sections have been treated every couple of years with rust paint to prevent corrosion.

    Full disclosure: The trailer previously had a small tree branch go through the roof and I bought it from someone that didn't want to deal with the repair. I purchased all the materials, sealant, etc. from a trailer shop and replaced that section of the roof on my own and it's never leaked in 9 years of ownership. You probably wouldn't notice it from the inside if I didn't point it out, but I don't want anyone to be surprised by this. There are a few included pictures showing that section of the roof and you are welcome to inspect that when you view the trailer in person if you are concerned.

    $2500. PM me with any questions. Thanks.


    Detailed pics here: https://flamingemu.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Trailer/n-LGLM2t/
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    Bump. Forgot to mention this trailer has extra height. I'm 6'4" an can stand up in it just fine which is great for getting gear on and off.
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    Price drop to $2250.
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