2007 R6 $4000 OBO

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  1. Selling my 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6 set up for CCS/ASRA races and track days.

    PICS: https://imgur.com/a/zNcUG9u


    The bike gets hot. Really hot. Like 245F when you are getting off track and into the paddock, even with a brand-new radiator. I talked to Joe at Turn One Racing and he is confident that it is a head gasket issue. I figured I would try to sell it as is rather than have it fixed just to sell it afterwards. I’m sure someone can get a good deal out of doing it themselves.

    On the bike:
    Traxxion Dynamics AK20 Fork Cartridges
    Penske Double Adjustable Rear Shock
    M4 Full Exhaust System
    GPR V4 Steering Damper
    BMC Race air filter
    Bazzaz QS4 Quickshifter
    Woodcraft Rearsets (currently set to standard shift, I can switch it to race shift if buyer prefers)
    Woodcraft Clip-On's
    Woodcraft Brake Lever Guard
    Woodcraft Frame Sliders
    Vortex Case Covers
    Galfer Brake Lines (Front & Rear)
    Motion Pro Rev 2 Quick-Turn Throttle
    Shorai Lithium Battery
    Armour Bodies Superbike kit w/ Zues quick fasteners
    Woodcraft Keyswith Eliminator
    Vortex Keyless Gas Cap
    Vortex 520 Sprocket Set (15/45)
    MotoHose Radiator hoses

    Graves 2.0 Bar Radiator Cap
    ECU Flash & Dyno tune by Turn One Racing

    Spare parts with the bike:

    1 Set of wheels w/ rotors & cush drive (no sprocket carrier)
    box of various small parts (rear sprockets, bars, footpegs, levers)

    VIN: JYARJ12Y67A005894

    Price: $4,000 OBO
    Location: Southeast Wisconsin
  2. Robby Ringnalda

    Robby Ringnalda Well-Known Member

    4k with or without the fix ? I'd be interested at 3000 without a fix.

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