2006 Work And Play 28BR

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  1. MBacker

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    Move forces sale, price is OBO. Trailer is located in Stafford, VA.

    Master bed in the front of the trailer has been modified to fit a regular queen size mattress (included) instead of the "Trailer Queen" size. My back is thankful for this, and yours will be too!

    All appliances/items are fully functional. Trailer is in excellent shape and absolutely looks much newer than it is. One of the jackknife sofas in the garage has been removed to make additional room. TRS plate is going with it.

    VA title currently has a lien, bank (USAA) has local branches and title transfer can be done without much headache.

    If this trailer is not sold by July 1st then I will be making arrangements to keep it. So.. either way this is going off the market July 1st.



    http://imgur.com/a/KraOo for pictures
  2. Bruce

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    Obo on what starting price?
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  3. MBacker

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    $16,000 is the asking price, thanks for catching it! :)

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  4. MBacker

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    Sold! Please remove.

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