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2006 GSX-R1000 Track Bike + Generator, warmers & more - $4200

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by zjc455, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    Hi - I am selling my 2006 GSX-R1000 + some track extras...

    I have had the GSXR1000 bike for the last 10 years or so. It runs very well - I have been riding it this season in Advanced with STT.

    Bike pulls strong, revs freely and shifts like butter. Transmission was refreshed ~3 years ago. Fairings are acceptable and tank has no major dents. No oil leaks and I did a head gasket/coolant test before listing and the bike passed.

    Bike comes with some spares/extras including:
    - Extra set of wheels
    - Champion generator + Chickenhawk tire warmers
    - New Suzuki clutch kit (doesn't need it yet, but have the kit)
    - Pitbull Axle pins
    - Front + Rear stands

    Bike upgrades include:
    - INSTALLED Bazzaz traction control + fuel mapper + quick shifter
    - Woodcraft rear sets
    - Forks have Ohlins internals
    - Rear Elka shock with high/low frequency adjustments
    - Brembo 19x20 master cylinder
    - Brembo calipers
    - Ohlins steering damper
    - Vortex quick release fuel cap
    - Replaced coolant hoses with new silicon hoses this season
    - Motion pro throttle and start/stop switch
    - Full exhaust with low profile muffler
    - Manual cam chain tensioner installed
    - Lithium ion battery (battery maintainer included)

    I had to replace the instrument cluster from a crash and it does not show actual mileage (which is ~13000). Engine was completely rebuilt a couple years ago (for > $3000). I can provide invoice. I also have the title for the bike - it's obviously a track bike, but I know some like to have the title.

    Bike is in the Chicago area - I will deliver up to 2 hours away or help arrange for shipping.

    DM for more info.

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  2. dudutzu

    dudutzu Well-Known Member

    @DBConz is this what you're looking for?
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  3. DBConz

    DBConz Registered Idiot

    Just left Daytona. I’ll PM you later.
  4. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    Price drop to $3800 before I put bike and associated extras into storage for the season.
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  5. rymerc

    rymerc Well-Known Member

    were the trans or motor having issues prior to refresh, or just had a bunch of track time on them?
  6. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    Had a spun rod bearing so crank and many parts were replaced. Bottom end was blueprinted, trans was refreshed. $4000 in engine rebuild parts + labor. I'll give the buyer a copy of the detailed invoice.
  7. olda1r1

    olda1r1 Well-Known Member

    Where are u located
  8. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    Chicago area
  9. MikeyG2323

    MikeyG2323 Well-Known Member

    Any street parts
  10. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    No street parts - just the track parts / spares.

  11. Chris1BATA

    Chris1BATA Professional SloPoke

    Still available?
  12. zjc455

    zjc455 Member

    Sorry - it just recently sold.

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