2005 SV 650/700 Lightweight Superbike endurance package for sale

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  1. melissa

    melissa Sir

    This excellent ready-to-race endurance machine started its life back in 2005 as an innocent, unsuspecting little street bike but evolved over years of racetrack development into a great endurance-racing platform. Its most notable attributes include:

    700cc overbore with stock intake cams and high lift/duration exhaust cams.
    Cylinder studs replaced with the ones that don't stretch (700cc power was too much for the stock ones!).
    Lightened alternator rotor (helps keep the crank from breaking, and spins up faster)
    Yoyodyne slipper clutch (keeps the crank from breaking).
    Custom-built ram air airbox (really works!).
    '92-94 GSXR750 rear wheel conversion to allow 180 tires.
    2005 GSX-R front end and brakes with suspension mods by CTR.
    Penske triple-adjustable shock.
    Brembo radial master cylinder.
    Quick-change front and rear wheel axles and spacers.
    Larger-than-stock capacity endurance tank with single dry break.
    Graves rearsets.
    M4 muffler.
    PC III.

    This is an entire endurance racing package. You get not only a superb racing platform but also this extensive spares kit:

    2 stock front wheels (1 with rotors)
    1 stock rear wheel (with cush drive and rotor)
    3 wide rear wheels with rotors (1 with cush drive and new Power One)
    3 GXSR front wheels (1 with rotors, 1 with new slick)
    2 cush drives (1 for wide rear, 1 for stock)
    1 Vesrah clutch (steel and friction plates)
    Stock clutch hub and pressure plate
    3 Vesrah oil filters
    Radiator hose
    Coolant overflow tank
    Alternator cover gasket
    10 cards of Vesrah RJLs for the GXSR calipers
    Miscellaneous gearing (front and rear sprockets)
    Stock ECU
    .90/.95 fork springs
    CFM rearsets with pedals & shift linkage
    Small box of spare footpegs/levers/rearset parts
    Instrument cluster & bracket
    Clutch cables
    Small box of miscellaneous seals/bearings/spark plugs/throttle tubes
    2 cut stock airboxes
    Larger than stock capacity endurance tank with single dry break hole (tank is dented)
    Upper fairing w/windscreen
    Tail section
    Throttle bodies
    Exhaust headers
    Dumpcan with single dry-break
    2 frames and 1 swingarm

    Bike and spares photos here:

    Turn key endurance racing! Asking $4,700 for everything. The package is located in Silver Spring, MD, but I can deliver to any of the 2019 WERA/N2 endurance rounds.
  2. Craig Miller

    Craig Miller tcmiller615

    Has this sold yet? Thanks
  3. melissa

    melissa Sir

    Everything is still for sale! Sorry I didn't see your reply earlier, had email trouble and never received the notification. Price drop to $4,500.
  4. Craig Miller

    Craig Miller tcmiller615

    ok thanks I have purchased one now. But I will let some friends know and see if they are interested. thanks
  5. melissa

    melissa Sir

    Everything is sold!

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