2003 Aprilia Mille R / excellent condition

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Mjmadd, Mar 5, 2019.

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    After looking at this beauty mostly sit in my garage over the last couple years it time to sell. 2003 Aprilia Mille R with approx 10000 miles. I bought this bike a few years ago with the intention of turning it into a track bike. If you know of the Aprilia Mille R you are aware of the components, ability , and rarity of these bike. This was the last year of production. If not, do some quick research and you will understand why it is sought after.

    I searched and monitored the usual sites and forums for 18 months before I made the move on this bike. The problem I ran into was the bike was absolutely perfect. After getting it and riding it for a while I finally decided I could not turn it into a track bike. It deserved to be enjoyed and stay unmolested. It also did not help that during that period I low sided turn 1 at NJMP and destroyed my R6. Fortunately for the next someone who is into these bikes, it is the bike that is going to help fund my next must have bike

    The bike is in excellent shape cosmetically and mechanically. Stock except for Aprilia Racing exhaust. Carbon fiber everywhere. It has it all. OZ Racing wheels. Massive Brembo stoppers, Öhlins front and rear, and the V twin 60 degree legendary motor. I had Markbilt Racing go through the entire bike when I first got it. They refreshed and serviced the Öhlins suspension, adjusted the hydraulic clutch, flushed break lines, and replaced fuel pump. Since then it has seen some nice weather miles. The slightly less aggressive riding position gives me a break from the track R6 and 999 that keeps it company in the garage.

    I’m in the philadelphia area. Asking 8000$. If you think that is not fair do some reserch and try to find one in perfect shape and serviced by professional Superbike builders. This is a race bike in street clothing and is a candidate as a pure collectible bike. I will upload pictures tonight. I can help with delivery within a few hours as I have a bike trailer. If I had the room and more cash for my next bike there is no doubt I would keep her. Still might.
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    pics finally

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    more pics

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  4. Mjmadd

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    few more pics. i also have the original exhaust, a few more carbon bits, and a complete original decal set.

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  5. John Harris

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    Gorgeous bike and worth every penny. Says the guy who is just window shopping lol
  6. Muz720

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    Had the exact bike, was the one I wish I didn't let go. Excellent bike and pretty much bullet proof. GLWS
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    Hey Muz, did you track it and if so what did you think of it. Any feedback is appreciated. I’m still considering going that route and hitting the vintage races. And if I had my way an RS 250 would keep it company in the garage.

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