2002 RC51 Track Bike For Sale

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  1. gixxernaut

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    TL;DR version: Asking $3800 - No title, Bill of Sale only. Great bike, lots of spares, needs a good home.

    Rest of the story: This is the bike I bought to begin my WERA career on and I've owned it since June, 2006. Unfortunately it has become blindingly obvious that I'm not going to ride it anymore and it's time to let it go. It has mostly been sitting in my garage since around 2010, the last time I rode it (and crashed it) at Nashville Superspeedway. I have taken it out for brief rides on the street since that time but certainly not often enough and always out of a sense of guilt for it sitting there languishing unloved.

    It starts and runs fine, but I haven't put new tires on it since 2010, so there's that. I've changed the oil twice in that time, so the oil that is in it now is about 4 years old and probably has only about 50 miles on it, the last 20 or so of which was the last ride I took on it in November of 2019.

    I do start the engine about once a month and let it get up to full operating temp, and that's about it. I drained all of the gas out of it two years ago and put fresh back in with stabilizer. There's regular coolant in the radiator but it hasn't been changed out since 2010.

    As mentioned up top, the bike comes only with a Bill of Sale, not a clear title. It was salvaged by Moto Connection of Opa Locka, Florida in 2004. My understanding is that the bike was stolen and the original owner received an insurance settlement which ruined the title. The bike was later recovered by the insurance company and sold to this outfit. From what I can tell Moto Connection is still doing business in the Miami area.

    Moto Connection then relieved the bike of all street equipment, indiscriminately cutting wire looms for street lights, horn, etc. They hotwired it into a keyless ignition requiring only the "kill switch" to be on for it to start. They removed the fans and turned it into a track bike, but left the original dashboard in place. It has an aftermarket gear position indicator, but I don't know who put it there.

    I have a complete chain of Bills of Sale from that point until I purchased it in 2006, so the bike is traceable.

    As far as I know the bike is still capable of pulling stumps and accelerating with angry torque until the hard rev limiter kicks in at 10K. I have no interest in selling this bike to you unless we're both sure you're going to be happy with it. I'd rather keep it until I croak to be honest, but as my longsuffering wife keeps reminding me, I don't ride it and someone else might be able to get a lot of fun out of it. And it is taking up its fair share of garage space.

    I mentioned that I've ridden it a few times on the street, which obviously begs a question or two. Obviously this is not my only bike, so finding a nearby tag to put on it for a quick ride isn't a problem. I spent a fair amount of time and money on eBay purchasing street plastic and lights for this bike thinking one day I would go through the "Vermont" thing and get a title for it. It hasn't happened mostly because of lack of enthusiasm on my part. Fixing it back up was a lot of fun. Going through the rest of the BS wasn't so appealing.

    The point is the bike is now dressed mostly like it would be if it were a street bike including original RC51 headlights, tail / brake lights, etc., (but no turn signals). I have 3 gas tanks for it and as far as I know they are all intact although one of them has a bad case of ugly from being rolled in the gravel traps Barber, Road Atlanta and Nashville. I have what's left of several sets of bodywork that have been on the bike at one time or other and you're welcome to take all of that with you. I have the original exhaust as well, I installed a 2 into 1 exhaust on it, which is what's on there now. The bike has a GPR damper mount on it but I have the GPR damper on my SV650 right now.

    I'll be glad to answer other questions and/or provide more pictures if desired. The two images I'm including aren't much, but they are the bike in question.

    This is what it looked like the last time I rode it on the track. This was in September, 2010 at Nashville SuperSpeedway GeoNSS2009.jpg

    And this is what it looks like now.
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  2. Trevor636

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    Is it mapped for the exhaust? Any Suspension mods?
  3. pimplimp328

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    Can you post more pics? Exhaust .. spare Bodywwork?? Damage to the bike??
  4. gixxernaut

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    I have a Power Commander III for it, and when I was racing I had it on the bike and mapped with a Jardine Exhaust mapping. But in the interest of full disclosure I never had it tuned by anyone who knew what they were doing to get the utmost performance from it. The PC3 goes with the bike but it's not currently on it. Circa 2018 I was trying to start the bike and it would start right up but would only run for a few seconds before it would quit. At first I thought it might be that the PC3 had failed so since it was an easy thing to remove from the equation I took it off. Didn't help.

    Long story short, turned out it was the PRV (fuel Pressure Regulator Valve) that had failed and was leaking fuel directly into the intake manifold through the vacuum line. I replaced it and all was well. But laziness prevailed and the PC3 is still sitting in my tool chest nearby.

    The bike has stock suspension as far as I know. It was sufficient to my skill level. The stock suspension is definitely more track oriented than street on an RC51, but I have no doubt it could be improved upon greatly with aftermarket stuff along with a suspension wizard's input.

    Speaking of the suspension, that reminds me, I did purchase (from Morris Foor) an aftermarket clamp-on platform that can be used to hold a lap timer or whatever else you might want to mount on it. It clamps onto the top of either fork and is currently mounted on the left fork. It's not much but obviously it will also go with the bike since I don't have anything else with 50mm forks.

    Guess I didn't mention that it has a Jardine slip-on pipe. The pipe got damaged in my last crash at Nashville SuperSpeedway as can be seen in the one picture with the street plastic. The spare exhaust includes a pair of Jardine slip-ons. They both have at least some minor crash damage.

    The bike is currently hemmed into a difficult to access part of my garage for obvious reasons. I can start it by reaching over one of my other bikes to get to the handlebar. It's going to take a bit of doing to extricate it so I can take more pictures of it from different angles, but I'll be glad to do that maybe Saturday morning, (it's Thursday morning right now). Most of the spare plastic and other crap is even harder to get to because it's in a storage shed and hasn't been needed in a looooong time. I'm sure you know how that goes. But since I'm trying to sell it the least I can do is make an effort. That'll also be part of Saturday morning's adventure, so hopefully there will more to work with in a few days.

    Thanks for your interest. :)
  5. gixxernaut

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    I finally got around to digging through my storage shed out back to pull out most of the spare junk that will go with this bike.

    The original (stock) exhaust is pictured below along with two Jardine slip-on pipes that were on the bike when I first bought it. I bought a 2 into 1 kit that also included a Jardine slip-on that is currently on the bike.

    Obviously with the single exhaust pipe mod I didn't need the other passenger peg/exhaust mount, so that is pictured here as well.

    A spare magnesium engine side cover with oil fill, sight glass and water pump impellor is pictured. Odd spare to have but I have no need for it apart from the fact that it goes with the bike.

    Pictured are also 2 different "spare" gas tanks that will go with the bike. One has primer on it and is ready for someone to sand and finish to their liking. I never ended up putting it on the bike but I was assured that it has no leaks. The other is obviously the one that took the brunt of all the carnage from the 4 times I crashed the bike while racing it. That tank was holding fuel just fine when I removed it from the bike. Someone who knows what they're doing could put it back in good order. I'm not that person.

    There are two faring lowers pictured, they survived all the crashes in relatively good condition.

    The tail section is also pictured. It's a little rough but nothing that can't be buffed out. ;) I have another much rougher tail section somewhere around here but haven't been able to locate it yet.

    I still have not managed to liberate the two faring uppers that go with those faring lowers, but they are in the worst condition of everything pictured. They can possibly be salvaged with a lot of fiberglass work, but I'd probably just buy new stuff if it was me. But they're yours if you want them. I will extricate them sometime in the next few days and get some pictures. One of them has a decent looking windscreen on it but the other does not have a windscreen at all. The windscreen has no cracks but I did paint over the lower portion of it to create a number plate. It is pictured in the original pics above.

    There are other broken parts that will go with the bike if desired. The right-side radiator was leaking after my last tumble so I bought a replacement. You can have the leaky one if you want to repair it. A pair of OSF rearsets also got damaged but are in a box if you want to do something with them.










  6. shift96

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    Did I mis the location in the small novel? :)
  7. gixxernaut

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    Everyone knows I live in Nashville TN. :) And so does this bike.
  8. shift96

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    Excuse me...:)
  9. TLR67

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    Nice Project for someone……GLWTS
  10. RRP

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    Why you putting 1G SV street parts in that pile of spares George?:D
  11. gixxernaut

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    Wasn't intentional, did I grab the wrong passenger peg assembly?
  12. RRP

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    Just messing around man. :D

    Yes that’s a 1GSV passenger peg, only reason i know is I have entirely too many rolling around in totes!


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