2001 Ducati 748R/853RS - $7000 obo

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    $7000 or Best offer. Located in Greenville, SC IMG_2077.JPG IMG_2077.JPG IMG_2083.JPG
    2001 Ducati 748 R/RS w/ street legal title. Can be easily converted from track to street and back.
    Very rare Verilicchi 748 R frame w/ "916 Corse Racing" frame features. Magnesium 27mm offset triple clamps for Showa 53mm diameter forks with Ohlins internals and Ohlins Steering damper which work beautifully. Ohlins rear shock w/ TTX internals and super trick ride height adjuster bar. DucShop/Mark Sutton built a '99 748 engine into a killer 853 setup recently serviced for belts, rockers, valves, shims, half rings, and spark plugs. Makes a lot of horsepower with 50mm Termignoni exhaust system with DynoJet PCIII USB w/Ultimap fuelinmoto.com.au 748/853 Lofgren chip. Comes with Slipper Clutch with open clutch case modifications. Also comes with Marvic Magnesium wheels, STM Crankcase Breather Valve, Ducati Performance Carbon Breather Box, 996SPS Carbon Airbox, Carbon Air Runners, Carbon Gage Cluster, Carbon Clutch cover, Carbon Front Fender, a very rare Ducati RS overflow tank, and aftermarket silicone hoses. Uses Brembo radial master cylinders for front brake and clutch along with Brake Tech full floating front rotors, and Brembo 4-pad front calipers. Also has an aftermarket Italian CNC Racing clutch slave cylinder, BMC rearsets, BMC spare clutch cover and Technocel monoposto race seat. Gas Tank uses metal quick disconnects, and fuel delivery system has been inspected and serviced. Sharkskinz bodywork is very nice w/ DZUS 1/4 turn fasteners. As you can see no expense has been spared and the bike really shows its potential at the racetrack. Many other small items on the bike not listed.

    Also available for sale separately are spare wheels (Marchesini Forged Aluminum rear and Marvic Penta Cast Magnesium front), 748R Triple clamps with limited edition number plate and 748R Throttle bodies with carbon airbox. Pitbull stands can also be purchased.

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    Sorry, this is my first time posting, and I am new to posting photos. Will do better next time.
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    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

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    Phl218; Feel free to make an offer that suits you via PM.
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    Ducati looks better next to my NSR300V. IMG_2556_2.JPG

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