1st Race completed! 4/22/17

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by Prodigy The Epyon Pilot, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Prodigy The Epyon Pilot

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    Alright.... so 1st race weekend completed at Talladega Gran Prix 4/22/17...no lie I was nervous af with it being my 1st race weekend 1st time at the track and all...so get there had to go through tech twice(my fault) so I missed round one of practice and only got 2 laps in for rd 2 practice...when I say I was a i mean I wad a lol...sooo tire warmers wouldnt work (probably cause too nervous to slow down and focus) time for 1st race...everyone else ...me ...BUT making mistakes blowing corners 1st race complete....2nd race I felt better lil less nervous...321 everyone else ...me lol but way less mistakes...end of the day i look at all my times... (here's the embarrassing part) lap 1 of my practice 1:49, lap 2 1:28...1st race fastest lap 1:18...2nd races fastest lap 1:14.03... yes majorly compared to everyone I was on the track with but it was a super humbling and successful day...made it out safe in one piece(wrecked in nov at Jennings and snapped my collar bone...1st time back on a track)...and paper showed me even though I felt highly dissapointed in myself...i was getting better...thanks for anyone that race across me and helped me out and see you guys again!
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    It was my first race day too. It was awesome wasn't it?!! Getting better is always good. See you at the next one :)
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  5. Prodigy The Epyon Pilot

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  6. Jon Wilkens

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    Have fun, stay safe and keep learning from the mistakes you do make. Good job getting through the day.
  7. Prodigy The Epyon Pilot

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    I will and Thank you!
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  8. Metalhead

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    Great job man.

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