1998 Honda RS125 - Very Nice $5000

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  1. peter leduc

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    Pics up asap.

    A few of the details;
    0 Miles on Wossner Piston / New top end
    600 Miles on crankshaft
    Ported cylinder W/ Det ring installed
    10.4cc CNC cut stock head. (Rolland Cushway and Kevin Murray both prefer stock cast heads that are cut over the VHM set due to the inserts cracking)
    Tyga Pipe & Silencer from Garrett Gerloff's bike
    V-Force carbon reeds
    New Jha Widebody glass W/ new paint (very high quality paint job)
    Brand new powdercoat on wheels
    New tires (1 trackday)
    Carbon Over the radiator airbox
    Brembo Cast Iron Rotor
    Galfer full carbon pads $85 (best braking combo I've found yet)
    Front brake caliper fully rebuilt and I just flushed the fluid again after the winter "storage"
    6.0KG/MM HRC hard front fork springs in fully rebuilt forks
    Talon billet sprocket carrier
    New coil
    New wiring harness
    2004+ CDI
    (2) 250GP style spark plugs $80 each
    250GP style plug cap = $65 on the bike
    Battle Factory pegs & levers
    Hjelm extended rearsets
    Kit braded stainless rear brake line
    TSR quickshifter (Technical Sports Racing) very nice quality similar to KLS

    Tyga Pipe
    Countershaft sprockets 14,15,16,17,18
    Rear sprockets 34,35,36,37,38,39
    100% complete jet kit
    Mains 150-200
    Main jet holders 37,38,39
    Needle jets 1272,1271,1270,1269,1268,1266,1265 (all with E clips)
    Pilot Jets 38,40,42,45,48,50,55 (38 special order from Kehin)
    PowerJets 35,38,40,42,45,48
    Plug Cap
    Wiring harness
    Carb rebuild kit
    Handle bars
    Brake Lever
    Clutch lever assembly
    Clutch cable
    Throttle cable

    So here's the skinny on my bike. I built it from the frame up using tons of new parts. There's a lot of riders & racers who say "very well maintained" or "meticulously maintained" and their bikes haven't been taken 100% apart in years. This bike isn't one of those to say the least. Every bearing, seal, little fastner, clip, washer, bolt, nut, carb o-ring, seat etc. is brand new on this bike. The subframe is new, the silencer packing is new, every body fastener/washer/rubber grommet, windscreen is brand new. The paint is new, the powdercoating on the wheels is new. The tires are new (1 track day on them and most everything on the bike). I built the bike this way not because the bike was junk, but because I made the mistake of thinking building a bike from spares would be cheaper than finding a complete package. I built this bike because I wanted a new machine and can't really afford $12k for one. Obviously I didn't buy a brand new frame, swingarm, radiator, shock etc. but all the little stuff that ties everything together is new. I figured it would be about $400 in little parts and it was closer to $1500 by the time it was all said and done.

    If you want an A-bike instead of someone else's problems, this is the bike for you.
  2. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com

  3. fast steve

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    were is this bike located feel free to give me a call my name is Steve at 807 768 8323 thanx
  4. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com


    The bike and my home are located in Chico CA, 90 north of Sacramento. I'm willing to crate and ship if need be. Also the red front fender is now black to match the bike and I updated the right front fork to the radial brake setup etc.

    This bike is top notch built and ready to race.


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