1994 RS125 Part-Out

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by peter leduc, May 20, 2010.

  1. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com

    I've got a 1994 RS125 that I'm parting out let me know if you have any specific needs. The engine in the bike is an xr250r so there's no engine/CDI/pipe/silencer, engine mounts etc. For obvious reasons, these parts are becoming impossible to get so a used bike being split up is the only way...

    Rear wheel (black powdercoating) $125
    Swingarm (brand new black powdercoating) $100
    Carb $45
    chain adjusters $20
    chain slider $10
    Fuel tank $150 (new white paint)
    1996 tail section adapted to fit (brand new white paint & seat etc.) $125
    Forks $200
    Triple clamps $100
    Front axle $10
    Rear axle $10
    Clip on bars & clamps $35
    Clutch lever $5
    Front faring stay $35
    Rear shock $50

    Pics availabe upon request.
  2. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com


    For anyone who wants basic pictures, here's one to start with. Peter

    If you want somethign specific, let me know. I've got to get going taking it apart so I can get pics of the shock, rear sprocket carrier, etc.

    If you want something not on the list, let me know. For now, the rearsets are for sale in another add ($150) and the front wheel, front & rear brakes aren't for sale.

    By peterleduc, shot with Canon PowerShot S410 at 2010-04-23
  3. goldman812

    goldman812 Well-Known Member

    got anything left?
  4. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com

    Yes, lots of stuff

    Frame, Swingarm, fuel tank, Sprocket carrier, shock, lower engine mounting bolt & block, chain adjusters etc.

    Let me know what you need or want. I've got a buyer interested in the frame,swingarm,shock,tank combo but he's in Australia so shipping is expensive.

  5. goldman812

    goldman812 Well-Known Member

    how much for frame,swingarm and shock? also the tank maybe?
  6. rk1951

    rk1951 Well-Known Member

    Do you have the steering stablizer for sale?
  7. kayaker43

    kayaker43 Active Member

    That looks like a fun bike but the countershaft sprocket is located too low in relation to the swingarm pivot.

    I may be interested in the forks, do you know if they have cartridges or damper rods inside?
  8. peter leduc

    peter leduc Agaperacing.com


    All parts are gone with the exception of the engine, carb, CDI and tail section.

    Forks are in New Zeland and the dampener is on my current project.

    Sorry guys.
  9. maxpat82

    maxpat82 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a rear brake rotor left?

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