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Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Redlining52, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Selling a few parts I pulled from my 08 R6, all prices are OBO and don't include shipping.

    Gold Forks with RaceTech 25mm kit, they are setup for a 170lb rider 1.0 in one leg, and a 9.5 in the other. I will also throw in a spare 9.5 spring. $850

    Woodcraft Rearsets, they have been wrecked on and arn't the prettiest things but they work fine, pulled them from my bike as I just had knee surgery and needed something that was adjustable cause my range of motion sucks now. $200

    BMC Race Filters, have one with the cone and one without the cone. $25 a piece

    I will also be posting a 2006 R6 Motor up shortly, bought the motor after a rebuild at the beginning of last year when I ran into issues building my main engine, raced 6 rounds on it last year and 3 sessions of a trackday at CMP in April. My main motor was finally finished so I pulled this one, was running perfect. Head is shaved, has a YEC head gasket, degree cams. Looking to get $800 for it.

    Any questions or if you would like any additional pics let me know.

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  2. Redlining52

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    Both BMC Filters

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    BMC filters Sold
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    Redlining52 Well-Known Member

    Still have the forks and rearsets available. Will be posting pictures of the motor tonight.

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