08+ R6 front drive sprocket play

Discussion in 'Tech' started by JTRC51, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. JTRC51

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    Was helping a buddy change his front sprocket today and noticed that his front sprocket had play, not rotational play but more so a loose/wiggle type of play. I had him leave the bike so I could look at it a bit more as it could be that the nut has come loose (although it doesn't look like it but I will confirm tomorrow).

    Anyway, do these bikes have some play in them at the front sprocket? If not, other than the possibility of a loose nut, what could be the problem/fix??


    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    does it have the washer behind the nut? shouldn't have any play.
  3. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    I see that it does. My guess is the nut was coming loose and we caught it in time. But will have to check on that later. It seems to be on there tight (the nut).

    I hope it's nothing more than that. But if it is, what else could it be (?)
  4. RM Racing

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    The stock nut is intended to be staked. This keeps it from loosening. If you don't stake it, drill it and safety wire it, I safety wire it in 2 spots since it turns and tends to break the wire. You can also use the nut and the lockwasher from the clutch basket, but you have to grind 0.070" off of the sprocket flange. This is the way Graves does it.
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  5. Schwiz

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    Could be that the wrong sprocket was installed. If there is play, maybe the countershaft is coming out of position, but I find that really hard to believe.
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    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    check that it's just lose first... anything other than the missing washer behind it, is gonna get expensive.
    I buy 2-3 of these nuts at a time. just fyi. once they have been staked a couple times, don't reuse.
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  7. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Ok, so I loosened the nut (impact gun) and tightened it back up. Still some play (same as before really) the sprocket; I looked at it and it seems the sprocket is on right.

    I placed the sprocket back on, then the washer, followed by the nut. The washer seems to hit the drive axle teeth and won't go any more than that (obviously). When I screw the nut back on and tight it down, there is still movement. As if the sprocket is too thin (this is a 520 set up, not the thicker OEM 530 setup).

    How can I confirm that it's not the drive axle coming out of place? The bike has only 2K miles on it.

    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    maybe it's the wrong sprocket? check part #. i can't remember on the r6, but on all my dirt bikes, there's a collar that slides over the drive shaft with an inner seal, and the outside of the collar fits against the drive shaft seal.. is there a collar there ?
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  9. RM Racing

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    With calipers. Measure everything and determine if there is play in the fit of the sprocket/washer/nut. There might be a few thousandths in the case fit of the output shaft, but no more than that. If you can find a washer with an ID larger than the radius of the splines on the shaft, test fit with that and see if it takes up the play.
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  10. JTRC51

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    @MELK-MAN & @RM Racing - first of all, Thank You for your help!! It is greatly appreciated!! I took pics today just for reference. I did find a washer and test fit it on the backside of the sprocket (case side) and it did in fact take up the play. But the washer is too big (ID) so I will look to buy another. See pics below (the gap where the washer is to meet the sprocket is a bit larger larger than it should be because I didn't have it pushed in all the way).

    Sprocket part # 3270-15T (Vortex)

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  11. RM Racing

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    Remember chain alignment- which side you put that washer on and how thick it is matters. Best thing is to have the sprocket up against the stop on the output shaft. Put the takeup washer on the outside under the nut. Check alignment first visually from behind the wheel. You can also put a straightedge (4' level) on the front sprocket back to the rear.
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  12. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    ..so you were missing the OEM washer completely ? yikes. that one may do just fine till ya get another oem washer.
    this assumes nothing else is wrong, i don't have my bike in front of me to reference that output shaft pic but i will be at summit pt this weekend and will look. we will be changing front sprockets from VIR
  13. stangmx13

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    my R6 sprockets are 3271, not 3270. Vortex shows 3270 is for the YZF600, not the R6
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  14. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    No, the OEM washer is there, its shown in the pic, just not with the nut screwed on. I am ordering a new set though.

    This may be the issue!! I was just about to look on Vortex' website. Fingers crossed. I will also ask him where he got it from
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