08 CRF150R Expert for sale

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by jsedacca8, Dec 9, 2019.

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    7F4000CD-22B8-493A-B854-EB9FACFAE21A.jpeg CEE3D067-8E79-4A43-8087-803EED4CC748.jpeg E6AB4056-F7BD-4370-8A75-0D0E87BBAE8A.jpeg CEE3D067-8E79-4A43-8087-803EED4CC748.jpeg CEE3D067-8E79-4A43-8087-803EED4CC748.jpeg Ive had this 2008 CRF150R Expert stashed away for a possible minigp bike build but after picking up a Husky FS450, I don’t have a need for it anymore. Runs great and comes with two sets of wheels. The current wheels on it are Tusk impact rims with Tusk hubs with dirt tires mounted. I also have GatorRimz 17x3.5 front/rear laced to new Tusk hubs with a motomaster 260mm flame rotor. I have the CRF450R caliper and all is needed for mounting is the applied racing bracket. Located 40 mins north of Tampa and can deliver within a reasonable distance.

    2008 CRF150R Expert
    - FMF exhaust
    - Tusk Impact wheels/hubs with dirt tires currently on bike
    - GatorRimz 17x3.5 front/rear setup laced to new Tusk hubs (not tightened or trued yet)
    - Motomaster 260mm flame rotor
    - CRF450R front caliper
    - oil and filter was just changed as well.

    I do not have a title for the bike, but can get one if the buyer really wants one. VIN is clear as it was checked with the local police in FCIC/NCIC.

    $2500 takes everything listed.

    Feel free to message me with any questions or send me an email Jsedacca@gmail.com
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    Would you consider Philadelphia a "reasonable distance"? :D
  3. Tj Hunter

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    Why are these all on the east coast!!! GLWS, it looks great!
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    ^^ no kidding
  5. jsedacca8

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    My parents and older brother are still in south jersey. Shouldn’t be a problem to find cheap shipping up to Philly in the back of someone’s pickup.
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    pm sent
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