08 CBR600RR, Ohlins, & caveats - $3,200

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  1. Chino52405

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    Track bike - clear title in hand - many street parts

    The bike was down my last trackday and as I was prepping it to get back on the track, I tore my meniscus in the process and now I'm having a baby. I finished all of the work I could do (subframe, ram air, fairing stay, clip ons) and I planned to take the bike to Rubber Soul in Schaumburg to weld the shifter side rear set and have my work double checked. The frame has been deemed straight by the eye of many knowledgable racers, but that's just a passing look. The bike starts/runs fine.

    Therefore, I'm only listing the bike for sale where knowledgable individuals will understand that: A) this bike can have the rear set welded to the back tab of the frame B) the buyer will need to (should) use their expertise or their mechanic's to "bless" the bike.

    I am not planning to part anything or sell anything individually, but will instead wait until spring to get the weld handled and bike blessed.

    On the bike:
    • Ohlins fork internals (180-220lbs)
    • -1/+2 with 520 chain
    • Vortex rear sets
    • Woodcraft shorty frame sliders
    • Yoshi slip on
    • braided brake lines
    • carbon pads (near end of life)
    • ASV shorty levers (rash included)
    • GI Pro gear indicator
    • Vortex keyless fuel cap
    Extra parts & spares:
    • Ohlins MKII rear shock (never reinstalled after recall service by Ohlins)
    • OEM levers
    • OEM fork internals
    • Swingarm (swingarm currently on the bike is missing a rear stand tab)
    • Optimal Racing fairings (repaired with drill & zip ties)
    • Mobile 1 synthetic (6 quarts I believe...)
    • OEM headlights
    Additional items not included but I'd part with for very little to whoever buys the bike:
    • Pitbull TRS
    • Pitbull front chock
    • Harbor Freight 6x8 trailer

    I can add pics tonight but wanted to get the post up before I changed my mind.
  2. D-Swens

    D-Swens sniffin paint fumes

    How much? location?
  3. Chino52405

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    Located in Chicago - Logan Sq right off 90/94
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    I'll buy the pitbull pins if you ever get interested in selling those
  5. Chino52405

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  6. kingsbaby

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    Sent PM
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