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    06 R6 track bike for sale. Bike has been a great ride for the last 3 years. Light, quick, super steady. I’m a 50 plus year old int./adv. track rider and have been mostly on R6s for the past 6 years and looking to make a change. Bike has been set up and serviced by Markbilt over the years ( previous owner as well) and gets about 5 to 8 track days a year. Clear title. Made a bad decision this June and went down in the grass at NJMP thunderbolt. You will need a new throttle assembly, front master cylinder and lever, and grips. All else is good. stock engine. List of upgrades below. Bike is set up currently for 185lb rider.

    Pirelli supercorsa front tire new 2018- mabey 6 sessions
    Dunlop KR 451 slick - one track day used
    DynoJet power commander 3 and ignition module
    DynoJet quickshifter
    Leo Vice SBK titanium exhaust
    Öhlins steering stabilizer
    Ohlins TTX rear shock
    Öhlins front 30 mil fork kit- installed and set up by Markbilt in 2018
    CRG shorty clutch lever
    New Motoholders aluminum front race fairing stay
    New Zero gravity double bubble windscreen - smoke
    Ignition delete
    Woodcraft Clip one
    Vortex rear sets
    Vortex keyless gas cap
    Stompgrip tank pads
    Markbilt steering stops
    Full carbon fiber race body work- couple scuffs but solid and looks good
    Carbon fiber front fender and rear hugger
    Extra Ballistic EVO2 8 cell lightweight battery
    Fully safety wired

    5500$ Open to possible trades for something different and interesting, lightweights, no liter bikes.
    Pics to come.
  2. britx303

    britx303 Struggling stoic.......

    Sounds like you're ready for an FZR400/ fzr600 if you like the R6 but want to go lightweight...........just my 2 cents. Speedwerks in Delaware has beautiful FZRs, or my house has them too:D
  3. Mjmadd

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    Pics added
    Sounds like a plan. B335539E-E4B1-4FC4-A890-5B5984B53990.jpeg B335539E-E4B1-4FC4-A890-5B5984B53990.jpeg 6EEFC1DD-72F1-4E18-8923-64CB0C940C28.jpeg B621ABAA-CD55-4484-8937-03A8EC47BAC4.jpeg A85D4762-D05F-4DAE-918A-84527784D9E6.jpeg
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    D36A3CF4-6243-4305-ADFF-AF22FCC0EA70.jpeg 4DC100B8-9347-46FF-931D-C129F1C2AE7A.jpeg DEEE0ABA-BE6F-4678-AE0C-715B16029112.jpeg 2060A66E-5117-48CF-963E-0D2B74682171.jpeg E4994A13-5C88-405B-9809-B6B1DFC6AA05.jpeg 1358EAD7-2BF0-40D9-AABA-E6C134625BDC.jpeg More pics
  5. lateapexer

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    I don’t mean to be “that” guy here, but...... 06/07 r6’s definitely aren’t the ones racers are chasing. $5,500 will normally get you a beautiful 08+ R6 with same or more goodies. To ask that for an 06 that is still in the shape it’s in from a crash will definitely be a tough sell
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  6. Mjmadd

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    Thanks for your uplifting input. I did not say racers are looking for this bike. Just posted a good solid track day bike from a mere mortal track day rider with some good gear. I get it, this bike is not for you, but thanks for looking
  7. Mjmadd

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    R6 is still for sale. 4500$. Bike is running great. Markbilt gave it a look over and some work this spring. New throttle, grips, fresh brake fluid, front end and suspension checked. Finally back on the track at njmp. Bike will be at njmp on most of the upcoming riders club sessions if your interested and want to check it out there. The o3 Mille R sold last fall and I picked up an older Ducati for the track that I will putting more time on so the R6 will go. Thanks for looking
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    PM sent
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  10. Mateusz Swiatek

    Mateusz Swiatek New Member

    Let me know if still available 9737679267 thx
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  11. Mjmadd

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    Bike is available. I’ll hit you up later today. I should be at njmp tomorrow also.
  12. Triple R

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    What exactly are "racers" looking for in the 08+?

    The 06/07 is a VERY capable chassis. I don't think many club racers will notice the flex or the 10mm longer forks and "braced" style lower triple from the 08+. 06/07 is known to make a little more power than the 08+ as well, will any of us notice it? Probably not.

    Also if this was a former Markbilt bike, Mark knows his stuff!!

    GLWS OP, if you were closer id be all over this! Good deal!
  13. lateapexer

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    Club racers like myself that have won championships and are pushing to be up front need all the help you can get! From smaller diameter rod bearings, to completely different throttle bodies, swing arm... the list goes on. Is the 06/07 a capable bike? Absolutely with all the upgrades from the 08+. It can be done. Will it make more power like you stated? Absolutely not that’s bogus. When you post an early 3rd gen that’s still crashed needing work for the same price as a turn key later 3rd gen for the same price it’s going to be called out by someone. Hence why it never sold.
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  14. TurboBlew

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    the low end
    the mid range
    the magnesium subframe

    you cant win trackdays or club events without that stuff!! :D

    hilarious to me especially when you see someone with the fork tubes 15mm above the triple... I'm sure the lower triple flex really helps there right before they overload the forks & tire and crash it!! :D
  15. Triple R

    Triple R Well-Known Member

    I get what you're saying but a lot of the club racers aren't exactly championship contenders. Multiple AFM #1 champ, engine builder & tuner, who also did a few seasons in AMA built/tuned my motor and on his dyno the 06/07 made a little more power. His reasoning was the stacks in the 08+ disrupted the airflow at higher rpms. Yes I know every dyno on any given day will be different.

    Still don't think what the OP is asking is ridiculous. There are completely stock 06/07 track R6's around here going for the same price.
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  16. FrancisA

    FrancisA Are you scared?

    The day I post my r6 which is never cause holy balls I swear I might be able to get like 9-10 for it y’all are crazy

    Good deal OP man free bump

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