06-15 Yamaha R6 Part out!!! Ohlins, Penske, Leo Vince, Dynojet, Armourbodies and more

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Emerson, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Pm sent
  2. obcbr

    obcbr Well-Known Member

    I just ordered some. Sorry.
  3. lavitzlegend

    lavitzlegend Member

    Let me know if steering damper doesn't sell. Also I'm looking for Woodcraft rearsets and/or some aftermarket clipons if you have some. Thanks.
  4. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Neither the Scott's or the GPR have sold. I only have vortex rearsets at the moment. No clip ons right now either.
  5. lavitzlegend

    lavitzlegend Member

    I'm interested in the Scotts but I also don't want to steal it out from under the other person since they asked first. Do you have any more details on the GPR?
  6. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    I haven't heard back from anyone about the Scotts, so its still up for grabs.
    The GPR is the V4 version, good working order, $300

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  7. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Updated list
    Tighttails Subframe NEW $366
    Tighttails Fairing Stay NEW $140
    Forks with Racetech valving and springs $650 (06-07)
    Ohlins TTX Shock with remote preload adjuster $900
    Vortex gas cap $50
    Vortex V3 Rearsets (Practically New) $300
    Vortex V1 rearsets (have been down) $175
    Brembo RCS (has some rash but comes with used lever) $175
    GB frame sliders $45
    GPR V4 $300
    Galfer Wave rotors $250
    SS brake lines $50
    Power Comander 3 $125
    PC Ignition module $125
    Quickshifter $125
    RG radiator guard $50
    Woodcraft Case covers (both sides) $225
    Woodcraft Shark guard (new) $35
    Woodcraft Shark guard (used) $25
    Yoshimura SS full exhaust with carbon can $400
    Blue bodywork $275
    Neon bodywork $150
    Ballistic 4 cell lightweight battery (new) $75
    ETI tank sliders $100
    Scotts Steering damper NEW $275
    Moto R Case cover $50 (left only)
    GYTR Stainless slip on $150
    Shift lever re-locator bracket $50 06-15
    Woodcraft rear master spring kit $5
    Bazzaz Auto tune $125
    Bazzaz Zfi QS TC $475
    Vortex, Renthal, Pitbull sporckets $20ea

    OEM parts
    Frame 07 clean and clear title $1400
    Clutch lever perch $15
    Kill switch $15
    Fairing stay $40
    Tank bracket $25
    Tank side pannels $25 ea 08-15
    Subframe $125 06-07
    Triple tree lower $100 08-16
    Triple tree lower $80 06-07
    Gas tank $150 06-07
    Gas tank dented $60 06-07
    Air box $30 06-07
    Air box $100 08-09 (5hp gain)
    Throttle bodies $25 06-15
    Wheel set $420 with rotors only 1400 miles
    Wheel set $350 complete
    Fuel pump $50 06-07
    Wire harness $50 06-15
    Seat $30 06-15
    ECU $150 08-15
    Coils $50set
    Rear maste/caliper $20
    Dash/tach $175 3400 miles excellent condition
    Radiator $100 06-15
    Rearsets $25 ea 06-15
    Calipers $50 set 06-15
    Rectifier $40
    Clip on $25
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  8. zieper41

    zieper41 Well-Known Member

    eti sliders for what year tank?
  9. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

  10. fiddleguy

    fiddleguy Member

    ...PM on it's way...
  11. lavitzlegend

    lavitzlegend Member

  12. Miguel Molina

    Miguel Molina Member

  13. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    All PMs replied.
  14. tech3atl

    tech3atl Just plain krazy!

    Do you still have the front and rear wheel for the R6?
  15. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Yes I have a couple sets available.
  16. tech3atl

    tech3atl Just plain krazy!

    Steering damper still available?
  17. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Damper is sold.
  18. Enzo15R1

    Enzo15R1 Member

    did the accosato master already sold? can you post the pics and that of the brembo rcs? thanks
  19. odomcaleb

    odomcaleb #529

    got any 520 sprockets 44t or 43t?? for an r6?
  20. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    Sorry all sprockets are sold.

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