06-10 Gsxr 600/750 Parts... Ohlins, Vortex, & OEM parts

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Osvaldo, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    Parting out a GSXR 600 trackbike, with that said, let me know what you need and I may be able to help you.

    For now....

    06-10 GSXR Ohlins (non-TTX) shock, 9.0 spring -$650
    06-10 New Vortex sprockets (16T, 43T, 44T) -$25 (Counter shft spkt) $65 for rears
    08-10 New Vortex fairing stay -$130
    06-10 Vortex V2 rearsets (used 4X) -$250

    Again, I will slowly be parting out the bike. I can provide pictures and pricing upon request for the rest of the parts. Thanks.


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  2. BobbyGrand

    BobbyGrand Well-Known Member

    Tank? rubber grommets that stock bodywork plugs into frame?
  3. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    08-10 Gsxr complete white tank w/ fuel pump and gas cap, $300 plus shipping. It has never been crashed however it has been lightly wet sanded as it was going to be painted.

    Unfortunately I do not have the rubber grommets.
  4. Kendall C

    Kendall C Member

    fairings? I have the 08 600
  5. Andres aguirre

    Andres aguirre Well-Known Member

    Pics on the rear sets.? I'm interested,

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  6. Miguel812

    Miguel812 Active Member

    Clip ons? What kind? How much?

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  7. 05superblackz

    05superblackz Member

    Keyless gas cap?
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  8. BobbyGrand

    BobbyGrand Well-Known Member

    Pic of the tank?
  9. 05superblackz

    05superblackz Member

  10. Thistle

    Thistle Well-Known Member

    Interested in the Ohlins shock. Still available?
    Text me at:
    (Two Zero 8) 705 6400
  11. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    Keyless gas cap will be sold with the tank. Thank you.
  12. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    I will be going to the shop where the bike is stored this afternoon, will be sending pictures of all requested parts this evening.
  13. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    Clip ons are Driven in black, $90 shipped.
  14. sbkarmen

    sbkarmen Well-Known Member

    Pm sent
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  15. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Fairing stay? Rear aluminum subframe box?
  16. william henson

    william henson Active Member

  17. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    PM sent.
  18. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    They have been sold. Thanks for the interest.
  19. cbr600sj

    cbr600sj Member

    Are the clipons sold? If not, are they compatible with risers/adjustable angle?
  20. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo Member

    I still have the clip-ons. Unfortunately they're not compatible for the risers they are the standard clip-ons with a 7 degree angle

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