06/07 Gsx-r wheels

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Cooper#346, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    First thing up for sale is my spare set of wheels, $400 for the set with rotors, I didnt put the front rotors on when I got them back, since I'm about to part this bike out. I had them sent off to Wills rim repair in SC and have been verified straight. I will be posting more race parts in the upcoming weeks. I've got just about all the goodies one could possibly have for this bike. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Tyler 865 235 3145. Thanks! The files are to large to upload so I can send pictures upon request!
  2. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    For 600/750
  3. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    First items up with more to follow as the tear down moves forward.

    - Stock upper stay bracket- $40

    - Aftermarket aluminum upper stay- $40

    - Stock 06/07 subframe will require hardware to put the two pieces together without tray- $80

    - R&R racing 06/07 aluminium subframe- $180 you will need stock tray to make it work.

    - 08/09 subframe with tray-$200

    - 08/09 Armour bodies Superstock bodywork has paint cracks on bottom of the lower can send pictures of that. Never been down and in good condition-$400 Team Full Effect highlighter yellow paint

    - Brembo Rcs 19 front mast. Cyl. With reservoir can also included is the spiegler steel braided lines and stock calipers- $200

    - Fast Frank Racing captive caliper kit w/ spiegler steel braided line and mast. cyl- $140

    - Vortex clutch lever Blk and silver- $80 for both

    - Vortex clip-ons 7 degree chrome- $80

    - Racetech 20mm front forks setup by Thermosman- $800
  4. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in the rear wheel only, if you decide to separate.
  5. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    Thanks, but I would like to keep them as a set right now.
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  6. JeeBus91

    JeeBus91 Active Member

    Got any pics of the r&r subframe?
  7. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    I do, they are to large to post here but if you text me I can send a few to you.
  8. Arsenalist

    Arsenalist New Member

    PM sent
  9. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    Update items pending sale

    Bodywork, 08/09 subframe, Bazzaz system, rearsets, Vortex upper stay, clip-ons, both clutch levers, ohlins damper, brembo rcs 19 with spiegler lines and calipers.
  10. ElroyJetson123

    ElroyJetson123 Active Member

    Do you have the vortex front fairing stay available?
  11. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    It has been sold as well. I still have a stock one as well as some other brand upper stay. If you text me I can send you a picture of them.
  12. Chango

    Chango Something clever!

    I see you want to keep the wheels as a set, but if @JJJerry still wants the rear wheel and I want the front wheel, could we work that out?
  13. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Active Member

    Yeah we can work something out. I'm a little behind at the moment due to the fact that a 16 yr old wanted to pull across the highway in front me so I plowed my inferno tundra through/over it. Everyone is ok but just put me behind, if you would shoot me a text we can get it worked out. I actually have just one spare front by itself no rotors on it though.

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