02 GSXR 750

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    Firstly, ty to everyone whose input helped me take care of the maintenance issues I have had with this bike. 2002 GSXR 750...was my daily rider since 2015, 35k miles.
    Engine making noise..went into it as far as I wanted to. Fluid pumps and clutch seemed fine as I didn't see anything alarming. Others suggested timing chain which I would agree with at this point. I had hoped to keep this bike the rest of my riding days but plans change. I have accumulated some onboard upgrades from people here. Ohlins damper and shock and some spare parts for "just in case", 525 chain and sprocket, barnett clutch and a set of Samco silicone hoses with clamps .
    Since I became owner in 2015 I rebuilt brake calipers and master cylinders, genuine Suzuki bearings in the steering head and swingarm, new chain guide, replaced the stator and rectifier and hardwired it direct, had the forks rebuilt with Race-Tech springs (.95) and serviced by Kessler Pro Suspension. Have all old parts. Braided lines, Wave rotors, vesrah rjl pads also have a set of vesrah pads not rjl for the rear as they need replacement. 520 chain and sprockets on it now. Chain is about smoked at this point. Tires are Bridgestone's with 1 abbreviated season on them. Led signals and brake flasher. Yoshi mag stator cover, Micron pipe, shorty ebay levers, mirrored windscreen (I didn't do it), battery tender hookup, stock rearsets with vortex pegs, service manual, Sato tank retainer, K&N filter, pit bull stands, front lift and standard rear, phone mount, bike also needs grips. All or nothing. I have a number that I'd like to get for all of it. First person to guess wins all the marbles. Good hunting. Peace.
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    Title Status?

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    Im in New Jersey and title is clean.
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    tree fiddy!

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