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Yamaha R6 2017-18 (will ship to lower 48)

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by jerico1080, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    Current generation R6 Superbike-lite build. Great condition and highly competitive.

    -2mm Overbore engine with stock head. Two seasons on this, with the last one being relatively low usage due to a one-day race schedule. Dynoed at 138hp this summer. I'd estimate about 1800 miles on this engine.
    -Big radiator + Carbon Shroud
    -Graves Works EVR full titanium exhaust.
    -Airbox is from the “preferred" model years
    -ECU flashed with FlashTune Race Team file
    -Auto-blip and Quick-shifter

    CHASSIS and Body
    -Custom raw aluminum frame and swingarm
    -GP Cartridges in the forks.
    -Race Tech Custom Series rear shock.
    -Attack Rearsets
    -Valter Moto Rear Axle Adjusters
    -Taylor Made bodywork, freshly painted and ready for decals

    -Galespeed front brake master cylinder with remote adjuster.
    -Galfer CW1 brake rotors
    -Galfer 1303 Carbon pads

    -Stock wheels with ceramic bearings.
    -Spare set of stock wheels with stock rotors and regular bearings

    Price is $13,500 including shipping to lower 48.

    Those in the USBA know this bike is pretty cool. It’s been good enough to win the USBA #1 Plate two years in a row (it doesn’t get dropped by the big bikes).

    Right Side.jpg


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    Last edited: Nov 23, 2020
  2. Sleddriver

    Sleddriver Member

    Wow! Cool build.
  3. tproctor369

    tproctor369 Well-Known Member

    where is this located?
  4. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    The bike is in Salt Lake City, UT and the price includes shipping within the lower 48.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2020
  5. PinoyRider88

    PinoyRider88 Active Member

    You mention pads and MC but I spy SS lines. ABS delete?
  6. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    Oh, yes, for sure. ABS delete and SS lines. And, actually, I just put a new module on it (used only two rounds). I didn't list every mod or component, but it has pretty much everything you'd expect (brake lines, quick turn throttle, lightweight battery, captive wheel spacers, EVR3 chain, etc.). Hit me with any other questions. Thanks, -jerry
  7. PinoyRider88

    PinoyRider88 Active Member

    So much want, but my credit score, financial advisor and ex-wife all say no
  8. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t trust any of those sources. I suggest asking some close friends— ideally friends that have an addiction, I mean “passion”for motorcycles. I find those folks to be much more reliable when looking for advice on purchases like this.
  9. PinoyRider88

    PinoyRider88 Active Member

    Ha, interested in trading with a ‘17 FZ09 with everything on it
  10. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    Although tempting, no thank you--I consulted my motorcycle friends and they have advised that it's best to pursue the terrible decision of building a new race bike for next season.... :D
  11. gawkos1

    gawkos1 Active Member

    Would you sell just spare wheels stock rotors and bearings?
  12. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    I’m not quite there yet. I have someone interested in the bike and for now, the wheels are part of the deal. I will let you know if I end up separating them, though. Thanks!
  13. BC49

    BC49 Active Member

    Sick bike!
  14. gawkos1

    gawkos1 Active Member

    Still interested on wheel set
  15. Cpropel8

    Cpropel8 New Member

  16. Odilup

    Odilup Well-Known Member

    You want to trade for a 2015 S1000RR? All the goodies.
  17. klyff

    klyff Member

    PM sent

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  18. Cpropel8

    Cpropel8 New Member

    Do you still have this?if so text me 864-729-0twozero0
  19. jerico1080

    jerico1080 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, quick update--the sale is pending on this one. I will update the thread as soon as the transaction is complete. Thanks for looking!

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