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WTB - Small CC track bike

Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by dcase4246, Jun 11, 2024.

  1. dcase4246

    dcase4246 Well-Known Member

    As the title states…looking for a small cc track bike. My son has expressed some interest and would like to bring him to the track this year. Doesn’t have to be race ready…mainly looking for something safe and reliable to have fun. However, some go fast parts never hurts. Dad might use it some too.

    I’m located in SW Missouri, but willing to travel a few hundred miles for the right bike. If you have something let me know, you can email me here: [email protected]

    Thanks all!
  2. flewid

    flewid Well-Known Member

    Dm'd you.
  3. Fastway Racing

    Fastway Racing Well-Known Member

    I provide late model buildable cosmetic damaged bikes to the race community.
    Ninja 400's are often a good go to depending on the age and expierience of your son. Parts
    are abundant as well.
    I'm a dealer for most all and can point you in the direction you to get your feet off the ground.
    Shoot me a message on what bike you have your eye one and let's have a conversation to see
    if I may be able to help you get going. Also, I ship all over so getting a bike up to you is not a
    problem at all.

  4. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Smart money would wait until the end of season and pick up a Ninja 400 ready to race with the change of Junior Cup machinery next year
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  5. dcase4246

    dcase4246 Well-Known Member

    Yea, you’re probably right. I’m in no rush. Thanks for the suggestion
  6. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

    We have a couple (95/98) NX4 RS125's available. race ready. [​IMG]

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