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Shop Inventory, Misc Tools, Parts, etc...

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by RS250Ape, Jan 9, 2023.

  1. RS250Ape

    RS250Ape Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to help out an old friend who was part of the racing community and his family so I thought I would offer this here...

    Any shop owners, shade tree mechanics, tinkerers, ebay resellers, swap shop guys or hoarders interested in a lump sum purchase of a lot of miscellaneous motorcycle and motorcycle shop parts, tools, manuals, benches, shelves, cabinets etc....

    Roger Sanderson of Sanderson Cycle had a small shop servicing mopeds and motorcycles for mainly students of The University of Florida in Gainesville from probably the early 1970s through the early 2000's During that time he was also race mechanic of a couple dozen club level racers in WERA, CCS, ASRA and a few AMA appearances. Roger shut his shop down sometime around 2010 due to health reasons and sadly he recently passed away. His family is faced with moving the vast amount of inventory and shop stuff Roger still has in his garage. Below are pics of his home shop/garage. AND I'm told there's also a storage unit full with nothing but MC parts inventory in it. I'm waiting for family pics of that.

    If you are interested or know someone that might be, feel free to DM me here or txt to 4 oh 7 seven 66 five 5 five won. The stuff needs to go by the end of this month, January 2023 and I'd rather it possibly be put to use by one or many versus calling a scrapper to come haul it off. I have a few more pics if you like.

    IMG_8285.jpg IMG_8284.jpg IMG_8286.jpg IMG_8289.jpg IMG_8290.jpg IMG_8291.jpg IMG_8283.jpg IMG_8292.jpg IMG_8293.jpg
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  2. boxcrash

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of Roger, may the family and friends find peace and comfort in these times. I believe I have interacted with Roger over the years both in email, or something and possibly once or twice in person before.
    I hope we can find a good home for all of his stuff to live on to be a help and enjoyed for many more years to come.
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