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Serious old school GSXR today.

Discussion in 'General' started by This old Rz, Jun 4, 2023.

  1. This old Rz

    This old Rz Well-Known Member

    Today, I was in L.A. w a friend looking at a stash of GSXR stuff...all race bike goodies.
    Starting with a boat load of 88-91 stuff my friend bought it all. Alum tanks, swingarms etc.
    Almost all of it Yoshimura stuff., But alot if other cool /trick as Fuck stuff too. Motec, datta loggers, Titanium stuff left & right. Gun drilled Ti axles etc..
    I picked up a stroker crank / big bore setup for my 750 SRAD...don't know if it will work..but price was right.
    Other stuff...not so much...lol

    Pretty sure I scored some Dymags dirt cheap as well...waiting to find out bout the cush drive & brakes 1st.

    Anyways there were a few boxes & pallets of engines and parts from about 2005-2008???
    For a K9 gen GSXR1000 ?
    Titanium connecting rods, billet clutch setups, I believe Cosworth pistons..A stack of engines and parts with Dyno charts showing 204-227 h.p. from bench tests ...
    It was a science project....Jeeeeez Louise...

    I didn't think that, what I was looking at ( assuming these were old former Yoshimura, or based engines? ) Some parts had "Doyle" in marker ink on them?

    Had no idea that they made that kind of power back then..no wonder..electronics..advanced so quickly ..Back in the 90s with 160-170+h.p. motors...electronics were still far into the future in Formula USA....

    Bikes are getting crazy...it's "future shock" to me
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  2. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    I'm looking for 04 05 600/750 stuff
  3. Once a Wanker..

    Once a Wanker.. Always a Wanker!

    Cary Andrews place, perhaps? I know he's selling lots of his old stuff.
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  4. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    I think I bought a set of Magtan magnesium wheels from hyper-cycle and Carey Andrews back in the day...
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  5. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    When you said "old school" I thought you were talking about late 80s, early 90s
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  6. wsmc42

    wsmc42 Well-Known Member

    What are you looking for? I have a fair bit of 05 and 07 gsxr 750 stuff. Pretty sure I have the normal stock stuff you would remove to go racing. I might have some race stuff too. I'd need to get over to my storage to check. Shoot me a DM if you like.
  7. This old Rz

    This old Rz Well-Known Member

    Yea it was 88-90 Slingshot specific stuff. My friend has a "serious problem" with them...lol..
    He bought every single pc in the workshop.
    But there was the large batch of SRAD stuff.. but a lot of it was race engine only stuff and they are completely incompatible with production engines...
    Most of it all Yoshimura stuff.
    Then the K8 stuff....it was beyond trick .it was full factory AMA race motors, might be test bed engines? I've no clue. ??

    He did some research and the word "Doyle" ..on alot of the machined components..and paperwork ..seems possible was likley Matt Mladins crew cheif/engine builder. Makes sense I guess? The names the same, the parts are unobtainable Yoshimura stuff.. But no paperwork states Yoshimura, except for some stamped parts and marker ink.

    This used to be a very high end aviation machine shop , prototype contract manufacturer before these people inherited it .
    My friends mechanic in Camarillo told him about this. There were also AMA diet bike stuff in there here as well BIG $$$ flowed through that place once upon a time. It was being liquidated.

    Luckily this stuff didn't cost me too much ...I found my friend two RZ500s, an RG500 gamma and an ex Yoshimura race bike all the bikes cost $3,000 or less and they all ran. I'm good at finding deals but it seems like I'm better at finding him for other people than myself...lol.
    This time he returned the favor..I picked up all kinds of l"il trick bits .gonna use em on all my bikes.
    I've a bug up my ass to build a imaginary Suzuks8 hr RZ350..quick fills, quick release axles ..lol Fuck it why not!!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2023
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  8. Jon Wilkens

    Jon Wilkens Well-Known Member

    whoa! Nice score!
  9. ttt637

    ttt637 Well-Known Member

    I bought several OEM take-off fairings sets off of Carey back in the day and flipped and made bank. He had like 15 sets with 0 miles on them. He got a crap load of bikes from Suzuki for sure. That was that era's Stamboli

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