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RZ350 parts for sale

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by UngaWunga, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. UngaWunga

    UngaWunga Well-Known Member

  2. UngaWunga

    UngaWunga Well-Known Member

    bump for lowered prices... lets make a deal...
  3. UngaWunga

    UngaWunga Well-Known Member

    Still have rolling chassis, cylinders, heads, carburetors, expansion chambers, and gas tank.
  4. erichsoncycles

    erichsoncycles Well-Known Member

    I couldnt find the thread... interested in trading for a bone stock FT500 that needs some work??? thanks
  5. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Same for me, couldn't locate the parts...could you send me a PM with prices, please?


  6. stimpy451

    stimpy451 Flappy Bits

    I need a gas tank. :Poke:
  7. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Still no information...okay, good luck with your sale.:up:
  8. toecutter418

    toecutter418 Flat Rat Racing

    I need a stock RZ seat and tail section.
  9. racertex

    racertex vintage dude

    i think he traded this stuff for a rifle.

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