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New Suit sizing help

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by nowayout, Mar 10, 2023.

  1. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    I never wore a suit before and I am trying to figure out what size to order. Ive been looking at Alpinestars and Spidi 1 piece suits in the $1k range and some used ones.

    I am 5'10.5" 175 pounds with a 40.5 chest, 33" waist with slightly bigger thighs and hips.

    Ive emailed a couple of places and have gotten recommendations for size 50, 52, and 54 euro. So I am really unsure what to go with.

    If it matters I will be riding a supermoto so more upright riding position
  2. Roger Baker

    Roger Baker Well-Known Member

    I've had good results with talking to the folks at Sportbike Track Gear. They know their shit and can get you dialed.
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  3. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    Agreed! Give STG a call. Not only do they have lots of good gear, but you may find yourself racing against them at some point.
  4. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    Hey, refer to this thread on another forum: https://forum.n2td.org/index.php?threads/racing-suit-question-should-it-be-this-tight.11309/

    Btw, post # 7 (which I posted below) is what you do NOT want in a suit.

    "When standing the suit grabs my crotch like a dobermine and the shoulders hurt. When sitting the crotch is comfortable and the shoulders snug but not painful. The calf area is tight when sitting but if the zippers can handle it so can I.

    When zipping up the front I have to tuck the T shirt in and go slow. The zipper is under stress pulling the front together. I tell you it is like putting on clothing I left behind years ago. How strong are these zippers?

    Standing it is tiring to hold my arms up. The telephone felt like a dumbell.

    The back protector digs into my back when standing and slightly when crouched.

    Just don't want another $$$ on the credit card to order another suit if this one is doing what it is suppose to.

    Thanks for the feedback. Oh, yes the sizing is Euro."
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  5. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    And, from STG on the Toob:

  6. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    have you tried any suits on? Like say at a Cycle Gear? All of the companies you listed have very specific fit charts.
    Or pay a seamstress $10 to take your measurements and then shop.
  7. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    @TurboBlew I tried on a new Alpinestars GP plus V2 in size 52 that didn't fit my thighs and hips, I also couldn't zip up the calf zippers. In the chest and waist it seemed to fit fine.
  8. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    I ordered a 52 RST Pro series from STG today. So we will see how that fits.
  9. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    The RSTs are a lil more "generous" fit but not in a baggy sort of way. Thats a great suit.
  10. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    Got a great deal on it so I hope to fits more generous than the GP Plus V2
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Tuck & Roll

    Can't argue with the way RST cuts their suits. Built more for real people that aren't built like sticks.
  12. Michael Hausknecht

    Michael Hausknecht Well-Known Member

    Speaking as someone who is built like a stick, I find Alpinestars off-the-rack suits to fit better than most. I'm 5'10" and weigh about 160. Size 40/50 Alpinestars suit fits ok but the legs are too big in the thigh and I wear padded pants to fill out the hips and butt. Most of the suits built in Pakistan for the American market seem to be cut more generously.
  13. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    @Michael Hausknecht I couldn't get my thighs hips or calves to fit in the Alpinestars 42/52 I am hoping the RST gives me the room I need in those areas. I was going to order a Plus Racing custom but like you said down the road I can go that route.
  14. Bruce

    Bruce Tuck & Roll

    I am thicker in my upper body than my legs, and I couldn't get the legs to zip in my Alpinestars size 52. It also was too snug around the belly. I'm 5'9" around 175-180 lbs. The RST I have fits much better.
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  15. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    So what do you guys think about fit?

    Attached Files:

  16. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    how does it feel in a squat position?
  17. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    Agree with Turbo, go sit on your bike and see how it feels (don't go for a ride in case you need to return it).

    Sizing looks pretty good to my eye though.
  18. Kevgentile

    Kevgentile Well-Known Member

    Agreed, definitely get on the bike and move around. Put on the rest of your gear, especially the gloves.
    My suit felt spot on until I put on my boots and gloves. Found too much bunching of material behind the knees
    and the cuff on the wrist and ankle were offering to much interference and binding.
    Looks good otherwise.
  19. nowayout

    nowayout Active Member

    I sat on the bike with everything on. Its a supermoto so no crouching on it. Standing it felt like it was too tight in the crotch area but once I sat on the bike it felt good. For the price I am going to keep it. If and when I upgrade I will go custom.

    Thank you everyone for the help
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  20. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    That's about how it works.

    Glad you got a good fit!
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