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need help

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by cowboy dann, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. cowboy dann

    cowboy dann Well-Known Member

    Anyone know where I can find a 92 ish FZR1000 motor?
  2. SBKBee

    SBKBee Owner: FZ hotel

    I have a bottom end if that helps.
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  3. cowboy dann

    cowboy dann Well-Known Member

    that may help. message me on what you have

  4. macbook

    macbook Well-Known Member

    A friend has a thunder ace motor, it's in Canada.
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  5. yamageezer

    yamageezer Well-Known Member

    I have quite a lot of exup engine spares, what do you need?
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  6. cowboy dann

    cowboy dann Well-Known Member

    Not sure yet , just bought the bike and haven't had a chance to got through it. All I know is he threw a rod on the back straight at Mid-Ohio.
    Assuming a complete motor at this point

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