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MotoAmerica 2017 Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by R3CALL, Nov 13, 2023.

  1. R3CALL

    R3CALL Member

    2017 R6. Approx. 3000 miles. I am leaving the country and unfortunately have to sell. Asking $14,000

    I bought this bike to tick off the bucket list item of entering a MotoAmerica race.

    This bike has qualified and raced at the MotoAmerica Barber round in both 2022 and 2023. Besides these 2 rounds, only 8 STT track weekends at Barber and a single WERA round at Road Atlanta.

    Bike is amazing, capable, super clean. Biggest problem has always been the rider, clicked off a 1:32.0 during qualifying in 2022.

    Here is the original ad when I purchased the bike in 2022:

    Modification List:
    BMC race air filter
    Graves velocity stacks
    Translogic shift sensor wired directly to ECU with FTECU license for Autoblip and quick shift
    FTECU bikeside harness
    Dyno tuned by Freddy at Superbikes Unlimited
    Suspension setup by Thermosman
    GP 25mm cartridges
    Penske Triple piggyback shock
    Ohlins linear steering damper with Graves mount
    Tightails subframe w/ custom rear bracket to mount Armour bodies tail
    Tightails front stay with intake
    Arrow Full SS Exhaust with Ti can
    Brembo 19rcs front master, Motul RBF 660 fluid
    Titanium front caliper bolts
    Speigler Brake lines front and rear
    Vesrah xx brake pads
    Lightened rear rotor
    FTECU ABS delete
    MA required complete safety wiring (r clips where possible)
    Vortex rearsets
    Vortex clipons
    Woodcraft ignition delete
    Lightech clutch lever
    Motion Pro Throttle
    Accosato gas cap
    DiD ERV7 520 chain with Vortex sprockets
    Emissions blockoff plates
    Mirror blockoff plates to mount upper
    GB Racing case covers both sides
    Armour Bodies fairing painted by Daniel at Full Effect
    Dzus fasteners
    Silicone radiator hoses
    New waterpump and thermostat
    90 degree valve stems
    Zero Gravity Corsa Screen
    Traction tank pads
    Woodcraft shark fin
    Driven sprocket nuts
    GP style rear lifters
    AIM SoloPro 2 with 419 racing mount and hardwired power cable
    Switchable rear rain light
    Antigravity battery
    Front brake level guard

    Bike is also sold with the full translogic autoblip kit (I removed it and went the FTECU route), spare OEM clutch, spare fork seals.

    I have the title in hand, it was a flood salvage. Only time the bike has been down was a low side during a track day at Barber, hence the fresh paint.

    All other hard parts were replaced. Small bump at the frame where the bar end contacted, but everything is still true and straight and passed tech after that without problems in May 2023.

    Call or text at 864-593-6674. I can send whatever pictures you want or FaceTime with you.
    Can also email me at [email protected]

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    R3CALL Member

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  4. what's bottom dollar out of curiosity?
  5. R3CALL

    R3CALL Member

    PM reply sent. Also feel free to text or call me at +18645936674.

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