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LEO shoots biker in back during traffic stop

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Cremean, May 11, 2010.

  1. Cremean

    Cremean backmarker

    Hi guys, just wanted to bring awareness to something that happened in my area, but in all reality, could really happen to any of you that do a little "spirited" street riding from time to time.


    I will warn you that the video is fairly graphic and it will piss you off. The "suspect" is now paralyzed from the waist down and suffered 3rd degree burns on his leg and ankle. Word is that this cop had been reprimanded for behavioral problems before...

    Be careful out there...
  2. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    Jesus Christ! WTF??!!

    MOTOXAZ Well-Known Member

    idk thats a tough one. in all fairness the biker should have just put his hands up or not moved at all. I wouldnt want to be on that jury.
  4. metricdevilmoto

    metricdevilmoto Just forking around

    Seems to me the entire situation could have been avoided if they had not taken off like goons in the first place.

    From the LEO's point of view, you're dealing with two people that just took off because they saw a cop. (Or at least that's what appears to have happened in the video clips they showed. I have no idea what actually happened.)

    It also appears that the only reason the guy stopped is because his buddy laid it down while they were running. So he's already created a tense situation. Having his hand on his hip and turning around like he did didn't make things any better.

    Tough situation for the LEO. Tough call for the jury.
  5. Captain Squid

    Captain Squid Well-Known Member

    VERY disturbing!!!!!!!!
  6. jkhonea

    jkhonea Back Again

    Yup, definitely wouldn't want to be on this jury. Some very tough calls here.
  7. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    There are other ways to stop a man from harming you aside from shooting them in the back! Tense situation, not deadly situation.
  8. pickled egg

    pickled egg Rocky Mountain. Hi.

    Physics say the biker was no threat.

    Cop is behind the car to the biker's left. Biker is looking over his right shoulder. It is physically impossible for the biker to pivot around and lay waste to the cop without dropping 750 lbs of pig iron on himself, giving the cop plenty of time to react to an actual threat with the use of deadly force.
  9. outdoorsy74

    outdoorsy74 Well-Known Member

    Throttle hand off the throttle and sitting on his leg, didn't hear the motor running. He wasn't going to run. He had his back to the cop because he was sitting on/holding up his bike! Didn't dismount as that might be perceived as aggressive. Guess turning to talk to the cop was dangerous too! WTF!

    Cop was trigger happy and excited. Biker couldn't even physically point a arm/gun to hit the cop from that angle. BULLSHIT.

    Feel sorry for the biker, handicapped while complying with law enforcement, AFTER THEY STOPPED.
  10. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    hindsight is 20/20
  11. cajunZX6

    cajunZX6 Well-Known Member

    do we have the right as "citizens" to use deadly force against an officer in this case? Cop shoots my riding buddy who does "NOT" have a gun but I do.....?
  12. jkhonea

    jkhonea Back Again

    Sure, let us know how that works out for you.
  13. pickled egg

    pickled egg Rocky Mountain. Hi.

    How the hell is it hindsight?

    Does this cop not understand the basics of human physiology? Explain to me how this guy could turn from his position looking over his right shoulder, with weapon in hand, put a bead on this cop who is protected by the cruiser, and fire a shot before the cop could lay waste to him?

    Biker was motionless for at least a second before Trigger Happy Jack discharged his weapon.

    Open and shut. Build the gallows.
  14. hank748

    hank748 Well-Known Member


    I prefer drawn & quartered in this case
  15. cajunZX6

    cajunZX6 Well-Known Member

    two questions, 1. do you own and carry a weapon? 2. do you have the ability to use it, if needed?
  16. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    hello to a decade of solitary for the copper.
    Seriously... on a traffic stop??
    Maybe the leo can use teh Dunkin Donuts defense...lol
  17. used2Bfast

    used2Bfast Still healing

    Damn, thats crazy.

    He'll say he feared for his life..somehow.
  18. Cremean

    Cremean backmarker

  19. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Well stated. The guy made no sudden moves and merely turned to see the cop. The only movement I saw in his arm was his shoulder rotating as he turned his head. I hope this cop gets the time as I can see ZERO excuse for this and I think running is a completely dumb a#@ thing to do. Sad that his buddy that binned it came out on the good side of it.

    I can see your point of not getting off but but getting off it assures them you are not going to run like WAY to many morons do.

    A case where everyone lost for sure though.
  20. jkhonea

    jkhonea Back Again

    Sure do. Now, you go and take your gun and shoot the officer for shooting your buddy who, btw, was at the end of a chase. Evasion sets a bad precedent. We'll count the bullet holes in you when they're done shooting.

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