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i just noticed..........

Discussion in 'General' started by skip salenius, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    The race leathers are still made in Fall River. Nick was measured and fitted with a suit right in the paddock at Loudon!

  2. Inquizid

    Inquizid Member Well-Known

    Thanks Johnny that's good to hear and kudos to ANY last bastions of American manufacturing, we make damn good stuff when we make the effort.:beer:
  3. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    In the interest of full disclosure, the hybrid off-the-rack suits are made in El Salvador, but all of the custom stuff is US made.
    Vanson has a large market in Japan, where they insist on American made.
  4. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    I'd throw that Gnome right out of a 737 during a Redeye, say somewhere over Nebraska, knowing full well those Vanson's would protect it from a harsh cornfield impact.
  5. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

    There's gonna be an issue if you start throwing Johnny's gnomes around.
  6. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    Negative, Ghost Rider. He's wearing Vanson's - it's all good.

    (Unless of course he gets caught in a turbine on the way out.....come to think of it, I'd opt for the flight insurance)
  7. YZFBeliever

    YZFBeliever Well-Known Member


    Here's my story, and just so you all know, as per my Neurologist, I came 3mm from never moving again from the chest down, that changes a persons priorities and focus. So be sure i couldn't care much what anyone thinks, I'm going to tell it like it is.

    I am a coach for TPM, I consider myself sponsored by H E R O ! C as I get my suits and gloves at deep discount. I also consider Todd a personal friend, a guy who gives back to the sport, a little weird (lol), and just a generally good guy.

    On August 8th I tucked the front, 130 MPH T-14 coming on to the front straight at NJMP T-Bolt on lap 3 or 4 (I never figured it out) of a race. I was in 4th place at the time, maybe 2-3 seconds behind the lead group.

    Initially it was your run of the mill lowside, I slid on my right side for several hundred feet mostly on my hip/thigh, elbow and shoulder. I put my hands down as well at some point.

    When I hit the kerbing and grass, all that energy had to go somewhere. Me and the bike began tumbling. People watching the race from the tower and trackside said that we both cartwheeled at least 4 times, and estimates were as high as 10 feet in the air. At some point the bike hit me in the back of the head. My helmet (suomy) was cracked in the back left side and had impact marks on the front left side.

    All the details don't matter too much but this was the result:

    I broke my left Occipital Condyle, this is part of your skull where your skull rests on your spine. I broke my C-7 vertebrae in two places, cracking the transverse process clean off. I had compression fractures of the T-2,3,4 and T-8 vertabrae and snapped two ribs off my spine.

    I spent 10 days in the trauma ward of Cooper Hospital and have been home ever since. I have some considerable ligament and nerve damage in my neck and left arm. I have some other challenges to deal with but I am blessed.

    So did my H E R O ! C suit or gloves SAVE MY LIFE??? Honestly, I doubt it. I think my helmet, my back protector, and God or just blind luck saved my life.

    BUT this is what I can tell you. Despite all that I just described, I didn't have a scratch on me, not a so much as a broken fingernail.

    Am I spamming? I don't really give a shit. This is what happened to me, this was the result of my crash and my suit did it's job. Would an AGV, A-Star, BB, done as well? I have no idea I wasn't wearing those. I was wearing a suit Todd designed and had made for me and I wouldn't hesitate to wear one again if I ever get a chance to do so.

    The upper separated from the bike, so it doesn't go for the whole ride:

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  8. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    ^ Glad you're relatively okay - no B.S.

    That's a lousy place to go down.
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Glad you survived Jimmy.
  10. Lawn Dart

    Lawn Dart Difficult. With a big D.

    Something close to this happened on my plane in the AF. Object fell off and hit a farmer's cow from a few thousand feet up... They had to reimburse him for the cow and some figure to account for all the money the cow would have made for him in its lifetime... LOL
  11. YZFBeliever

    YZFBeliever Well-Known Member

    Thank you Sean, I really do appreciate it.

    I wish NJMP would put a gravel trap there.
  12. KILLA1

    KILLA1 Orange Suzuki = MY HERO

    Jimmy - Glad your ok buddy!!!

    Todd - keep it up!!!! You make a great suit and gloves!!! :up:

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